Providing patients with lenses in different price points is always a good option, but when only high-end will do, these premium offerings are the manufacturers’ choice.

ULTRA polycarbonate indoor lenses contain a blend of proprietary materials, pigments and dyes that block 41% of blue light at 455nm. ULTRA lenses provide six times more protection than from coatings and 17 times more than from clear monomers, according to the company. ULTRA lenses are available in semi-finished single vision, progressive and finished plano designs in BluTech’s lightest lens color.

Costa’s patented 580 polarized lenses block 100% of UV light, absorb HEV blue light and filter harsh yellow light at 580nm to eliminate color distortion and enhance reds, blues and greens for greater contrast and higher definition. With a 99.9% polarized efficiency, 580 lenses reduce eye strain by eliminating reflective glare and are available in 580G Lightwave glass material and 580P polycarbonate materials (and Trivex for Rx).

Now standard in all ZEISS lenses, UV Protect technology offers complete sunglass-level UV protection in clear lens materials. UV Protect blocks UV rays at a level of 400nm, exceeding the general standard of 380nm for ophthalmic lenses. When combined with the company’s DuraVision UV backsided coating, UV Protect provides TrueUV protection from direct UV radiation.

Varilux X Series progressive lenses feature XTend technology that extends the area of sharp vision within arm’s reach, eliminating the need for head tilting or angling to find “just the right spot.” XTend Technology enables lens designers to control the number of points on the lens according to the prescription so wearers can focus on multiple distances within arm’s reach.

Two photochromics from Hoya — Sensity Dark and Sensity Shine — activate behind the windshield of a car and are available in free-form progressive and single vision lens designs featuring Stablight Technology, which ensures lens performance is consistent in varying climates and temperatures. Sensity Shine’s mirrored lenses are offered in three colors: gray, brown and green.

Oakley’s Prizm lenses accommodate all activities and are available in two options: Prizm Everyday and Prizm Sport. Prizm Everyday lenses are suitable for daily activities, while Prizm Sport lenses are designed to enhance details for sport-specific environments and include Prizm Field, Prizm Golf, Prizm Snow Sun, Prizm Low Light and Prizm Deep Water. A selection of Prizm lenses are also available in Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

Impression FreeSign 3 progressive lenses (shown above) provide minimum distortions and maximum image stability with 100% natural vision without the swimming effect, according to the company. Impression FreeSign 3 lenses are available in four variations: Active, Allround, Expert and Individual, which use Rodenstock’s DNEye Scanner to accurately measure high and low order aberrations. Rodenstock lenses are available in the U.S. through Elevate Digital Optics.

Autograph III progressive lenses adapt to a patient’s prescription for clear, comfortable vision. Lenses incorporate IntelliCorridor technology for clearer vision in the transitional zone and As-Worn Quadro, which has four times more design stability to frame-tilt variations, according to Shamir. Autograph III lenses also feature an ergonomic design for natural posture and Eye-Point Technology III, an analysis technology that simulates the real-world view for any prescription.

Kodak Unique DRO Progressive lenses with Dynamic Reading Optimization reduce oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area. Unique DRO lenses are also available in high-definition (HD) that includes measurements to adapt the lens to an individual’s viewing needs. Unique DRO lenses are a full backside progressive design that also incorporates Vision First Design, i-Sync and comes in six corridor lengths and more than 60 materials.

The company’s Coppertone Polarized lenses in PPG’s Trivex material offer durability and chemical resistance when paired with Coppertone’s sun protection. Coppertone Trivex lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, protect against solar blue light and eliminate more than 97% of glare. These single vision, semi-finished lenses are available in brown and gray and accommodate a variety of frame styles, including wraps and rimless.

Unity Via Progressive lenses are available in five lens designs — Elite, Plus, Wrap, Mobile and Via — all featuring automatic reading height optimization and a variable inset to deliver a near point that is accurately calculated for a larger reading area. Unity Via Elite incorporates Advanced Fit Technology that allows the wearer to more easily find intermediate and near areas at their preferred reading distance, enabling more natural posture and greater visual comfort.

Camber progressive lenses have a continuously changing front surface curvature of a specially designed lens blank, which creates an expanded reading zone and greater peripheral vision. Combined with a back surface digital design, Camber lenses can accommodate an expanded Rx range and are flatter for a better cosmetic appearance. Camber lenses are available in six digital designs from IOT.


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