…of five independent brands that each have a distinct tale to tell. Learn their backgrounds, share them and create loyal fan bases. After all, everyone loves to feel special about what they wear on their face.

JEWELRY Tura by Tura, Inc.
Unique Details: Dedicated to the woman who wants to wear her jewelry on her face, the Tura designers consider the frame as a whole. Integrated spring hinges and double tooled frames maintain a look so that “the inside of the temples tell the same story as the outside,” said Audrey Pavia, marketing/brand manager.
Selling Points: “Consumers are looking for quality and authenticity. Many brands can offer style, but true eyewear brands can offer unparalleled quality since they are not bound by a licensor’s concerns or limitations,” Pavia said. “Millennials today have repeatedly said they are looking for products that are self-expressive.”
What’s New for FW’17? Rope detailing, 18-karat gold plating with Swarowski crystals, titanium with beta titanium temples.
Tura, Inc. 800.242.8872 •

LIGHTWEIGHT Aspire Titanium by ClearVision Optical Co.
Unique Details: Weighing only 13 grams, this new metal sub-collection offers high quality and durability in a hypoallergenic package. There is a patent-pending hidden rim lock mechanism that is naked to the eye and easy to use, according to Peter Friedfeld, executive vice president. “Adding metal was the next natural step to expand the Aspire brand footprint,” he said.
Selling Points: Thin and light with a modern aesthetic, these titanium frames are comparable to other styles on the market but more moderate in price. No worries about the cost eating away at your margins, Friedfeld said. Plus, proprietary technology is always a winner.
What’s New for FW’17? Six styles for women and six for men launching in mid-November. Antique finishes, custom-fade coloration, florals and animal prints.
ClearVision Optical Co. 800.645.3733 •

Unique Details: Interesting patterns and bright hues are created by manipulating a classic eyewear material. Techniques include skiving away portions of the acetate that allows the play of dimension and color and removing one layer from certain areas that have multiple layers.
Selling Points: “We have been increasing the number of releases as it’s important to be new and current, experimenting with trending colors. It’s also paramount to offer classic colors our customers have positively responded to,” said Chelsey Wright, designer. “Our lines are not mass produced, so everything is done with care and intention.”
What’s New for FW’17? Duochrome/iridescent colors; pastels; earth tones in taupe, honey and blush; crystal tones in smoke/gray, pale honey, blush and pale blue.
Ogi Eyewear • 888.560.1060 •

New Alternative fit from evolution

Evolution, Genesis, Kilter and Sunlites from Altair
Unique Details: From kids to more mature wearers, these affordably priced brands are covered by most vision insurance plans.
Selling Points: Altair provides VSP network doctors with no-cost board samples. “If a particular frame doesn’t sell, the doctor can easily adjust their inventory,” said Erin Allen, director of sales. “This [consignment model]frees up cash flow for doctors to invest back in their business. Because we take on the financial risk of eyewear dispensing, we’re truly committed to the success of our customers.”
What’s New for FW’17? The Evolution brand is also launching alternative fit options. “It’s designed for those with a low nosebridge and/or high cheekbones,” Allen said. “It’s the latest example of how our proprietary collection is evolving to meet the needs of independent optometrists and their patients.”
Altair Eyewear • 800.505.5557 •

Unique Details: A combination of key fashion influences with leading European eyewear trends, this women’s collection targets the wearer who sees eyewear as an extension of their own personality and style. Laser cutting, acid etching and custom acetate lamination create intricate looks.
Selling Points: Designed with deeper B measurements, proving that it’s possible to make a statement while wearing progressives. “The brand offers a range of visual tools including a video and brochure to help ECPs tell the story behind the brand and connect with customers on an emotional level,” said Beverly Suliteanu, VP of product development. “In-store merchandising tools make it easier to showcase eyewear and entice customers to view, touch and feel the product.”
What’s New for FW’17? Emphasis on contrasting brow lines, a mix of acetate and metal in playful shapes and textures.
WestGroupe • 855.455.0042 •


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