Liberty Sport’s Helmet Spex Keeps Eyewear and Head Gear Snugly in Place

If you have patients who wear protective eyewear, Liberty Sport has a solution for making the right fit for both corrective lenses and head gear: Helmet Spex. The Helmet Spex goggle features a patent-pending, adjustable strap that contours over the ears for a better fit with less chafing and slippage. The eyewear includes a three-panel skull cap that must be worn under the helmet and over the goggle to keep it in place. Both either meet or exceed ASTM F803 impact resistance standards.

With a 6-base wrap, Helmet Spex can be fitted with the vendor’s REACT photochromic lenses for sun protection and FogBlok coating for fog-free vision. Helmet Spex is also compatible with Liberty Sport’s Sport Shift line, an interchangeable frame that has both goggle and temple attachments to offer two frames in one for athletes who play multiple sports (it also comes with a skull cap).

Liberty Sport began developing this line approximately five years ago, with the bulk of testing occurring in 2013. In addition to the company’s own database of physical and digital headforms and helmets, it created 3D prototypes and mock-ups that were fit-tested on dozens of children across the United States.

“Many straps simply slip over kids’ ears and slide off beneath the helmet or bend and alter the pantoscopic angle of the frame,” said Carmine DiChiara, vice president of product development. “We tested numerous performance materials and built numerous prototypes to get our final design.”

The Helmet Spex collection will be available by the beginning of 2017.

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