This is the 185th Views column I have written for VCPN (Vision Care Product News). And it’s also the last one.

Those of you who may have happened upon this small musing might have noticed that the tone was different from other opinion pieces. I have always endeavored to make these columns about you, the reader. However, I ask for a bit of leniency on your part as I indulge in the copious use of first-person pronouns for this final column.

This is my last column because I am stepping down as president and CEO of First Vision Media Group and publisher of VCPN to allow new ownership to take its rightful place. Our staff, and Shawn Mery, my partner of 17 years, will remain with the company.

When we launched VCPN in September of 2000, we had no assurances that we would succeed except for the initial positive reaction to our pilot issue. In 2001, our first year of consistent, periodical publication, we enjoyed terrific success and never looked back.

Today, I’m proud to say that VCPN has established a unique position in the optical community. While it has evolved and changed, it remains true to its original mission—to bring optical people the product intelligence they need to succeed.

Over the ensuing years, our company has grown and extended its reach with print publications, digital presentations, social media and face-to-face programs. Also, while we’ve seen many staff members come and go, there is a corps of vital employees who have contributed their dedication and best efforts to make First Vision succeed.

Among this group are Sharon O’Hanlon, VP, Operations, who truly keeps First Vision moving forward; Debby Corriveau, VP, Marketing, who manages many of our projects; Jane Kaplan, VP, Design, who keeps the look of all our products up to contemporary standards; John Sailer, VP, Editorial, who brings a wealth of knowledge about optical and good editorial practices to just about everything we do; and Anthony Floreno, production and web manager, who oversees the creation of our offerings.

I’d also like to acknowledge a few people who brought so much to First Vision in our formative years: Beth Schlau, our founding editor and editorial conscience; Ed De Gennaro, our professional editor, who helped to give VCPN focus and direction; and Shawn Mery, our executive vice president, who remains one of our great salespeople.

And with that, all I have left to say is…Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!


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