Liberty Sport’s Torque II has a
padded front to keep dust and debris out, and it features an elastic headband.

Patients who participate in intense outdoor sports often require frame and lens options that can withstand a high level of wear and tear.

Many eyeglass wearers need activity-appropriate sunwear with the appropriate frame and lens options. Fortunately, there are several options that can stand up to the punishment their sport dishes out.

What do bikers need? For starters, they need safety. Then there’s comfort, ventilation, UV protection, and finally, a really cool look. This holds true for ATV riders, and mountain bikers, too.

Wiley X Eyewear has some effective solutions for serious bikers. Concerned about safety? Have a wind or ventilation problem? Take a look at the Climate Control® Series. These glasses put both fashion and function to the max. They feature shatter-resistant lenses that block 100% UV rays and are certified to ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. They also meet military standards as “combat protective” as well as OSHA standards for occupational protective eyewear. Check out the WX Echo sunglass which features a removable facial cavity seal. This gasket filters out wind, dust, and road debris, as well as light. The goggles are available in plano, and digitally surfaced Rx options including progressive addition multifocals.

TO POLARIZE OR NOT TO POLARIZE? Is polarization for everyone? Some golfers, bikers, and snow skiers actually do not prefer polarized lenses, as they can filter out terrain information like wet grass, ice, or a water surface. Many of the sunglasses mentioned in this article are available in non-polarized lens options. Check with the companies for more information.

For motor sports and cycling, Liberty Sport offers the Torque I and Torque II, both with updated styling and innovative features like a padded front to keep debris and dust out. The Torque I has temples that easily fit under most helmets, and comes in three colors. The Torque II has an elastic headband in lieu of temples and comes in two colors. Both styles have plano polycarbonate 8.00D base brown lenses and both are fully Rxable.

While many motorcycle sun-glasses can also work for bicycles, some are a bit more vehicle-specific. Check out some of Bollé’s solutions for the cycling community. The Tempest is a semi-rimless with a smaller size than some, making it perfect for wearers with narrower faces. It’s a performance frame that is fully loaded with interchangeable bClear lenses, adjustable nosepads, and vented temples with Bollé’s Thermogrip® secure fit.

Part of Wiley X’s Climate Control Series, the WX Echo features shatter-resistant lenses that block 100% UV rays.

The Vortex is also semi-rimless but with a larger fit. The colors are exciting and the technology is impressive. This model includes a variety of 6.00D base lenses. There are many color and treatment selections for the lenses too, including photochromics, mirrors, high contrast tints, anti-reflective (AR) treatments, and UV protection.

With a full line of polarized lenses, Costa offers several fun and functional frame styles for the water people out there, and most are Rxable as well. The Blackfin is a nylon frame with Hydrolite® technology—an inside “no-slip” liner that keeps them secure. Costa also offers the Fantail, a smaller version of the aforementioned style, with the same attributes. Each of these is available in three frame colors, multiple lens colors, and treatment options, all of which are polarized.

One option for golfers is Maui Jim’s Banzai, which features a high-grade, lightweight nylon mounting, and several lens options.

Maui Jim, Inc.’s Surf Rider is a sleek and functional polarized sunglass that works well for any fresh or saltwater activities (not to mention those pesky water traps on golf courses). They’re available in three frame colors with neutral gray or HCL® bronze lenses and are offered in prescription. The Aloha Friday is a retro look that says “back in the day.” It’s a high-grade acetate frame in colors such as tortoise and chocolate or gray fade, and the lenses have all the best PolarizedPlus2® bells and whistles to protect wearers’ eyes from glare and UV rays.

What do golfers want in sunwear? They want comfort, safety, and most of all, a lower score on the links. They are usually playing in direct sunlight so a photochromic option is a big plus. They also like the selective filtration lenses that allow them to spot the ball better. Oakley, Inc.’s RadarLock Pitch is a sports performance sunglass that allows athletes to take full advantage of the brand’s wide array of performance lenses, thanks to an ingenious invention called SwitchLock™ Technology that makes lens changing fast and hassle-free. SwitchLock lets wearers adapt their vision for any environment and keep up with changing light, and all lenses are optimized with the unrivaled clarity and impact resistance of High Definition Optics® (HDO®). The RadarLock Pitch in carbon fiber features a G30™ Iridium lens that is ideal for playing sports in the grass or bright sun, such as golf. The increased contrast of the G30 tint blocks performance-killing glare and allows for viewing undulations in the greens.

For cyclists, Bollé’s Tempest is a
performance frame that is fully loaded with interchangeable bClear lenses, adjustable
nosepads, and vented temples.

Silhouette Optical, Ltd.’s adidas Eyewear recently released the tourpro golf that provides contrast-enhancing Light Stabilizing Technology (LST™), which harmonizes extreme light fluctuations so a white golf ball “pops” on the green or fairway.

Many golfers prefer semi-rimless designs that keep the bottom of the eyewire from interfering with driving, putting, and teeing off. Bollé offers several alternatives that address most of these concerns. Take a look at the Ransom. It features 8.00D base lenses in a lightweight nylon semi-rimless mounting. While there are several lens colors available, the Photo V3 Golf is specially designed for the links.

Maui Jim has several rimless styles that many golfers love, and lenses for many different light conditions. The Banzai features a high-grade, lightweight nylon mounting, and comes with the wearer’s choice of lenses: neutral gray for bright light, HCL bronze for high contrast variable light, or Maui HT™ to enhance contrast in for lower light conditions. All Maui Jim lenses use PolarizedPlus2 technology to eliminate reflected glare and UV rays.

While some sunwear is meant for casual use, you’ll need rough and rugged sunwear for those patients who play hard. The good news is there are so many brands and styles from which to choose.

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.


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