The artisanship that goes into the production of handmade frames is what sets them apart from mass-produced models.

Handcrafted frames have always fascinated me-imagine the talent and patience required for each design! The styles featured below demonstrate just a small sample of the vast range of possibilities in this space.


ROLF Spectacles works with natural materials to produce premium handcrafted eyewear with wood, stone, and horn. The maintenance-free, anti-static, and hypoallergenic frames are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. The model Excellence 92 within the evolved collection is crafted from bog oak and maple. The frame features a specially developed wooden hinge and lens-glazing system and there are no metals or screws used.


Eyewear designer Robert Marc revived the art of handcrafting eyewear. Style 838 in matte gradient marine is created with the layering of contrasting-yet-complementary colors and patterns of Italian acetate. Artists inspect each piece of acetate, carefully choosing what would make a better front or temple, and then handcraft the frame into a unique piece.


Eastern States Eyewear’s Été Lunettes uses natural feathers in its Feather Collection. These beautiful styles are all handmade with acetate, acrylic, or crystal acetate. The natural feathers are cleaned and placed, by hand, between two pieces of frame material. The model Été Millau is a colorful, full-bodied, upswept style. The purples and greens, as well as the feather inlay brings on a real “wow” factor.


Rigards Eyewear natural horn frames possess a timeworn elegance, a one-of-a-kind look, and are eco-friendly. “Handmade for your face” is the philosophy of the brand, which believes that in the right hands, a traditional material can be reinvigorated into dynamic, sexy silhouettes. What also makes this independent eyewear line stand out are the final touches like hand polishing. My favorite is RG0016 because of its upswept endpiece design.


Southern Australian Peter Coombs uses a back-to-basics approach to eyewear design and refers to his fascinating creations as jewelry for the face. With more than 30 years working as a designer, jeweler, and metalsmith, the end results are elegant solutions, relevant styling, and innovation. Each stunning piece is rare, unforgettable, and one of a kind-like fine art.

Within the Peter Coombs Design (PCD) 2015 Elements Collection, is model LOZ. The quality materials include titanium and sterling silver with stainless steel screws. LOZ requires 10 hours of hands-on manufacturing by Coombs, in his studio.


The Japanese Frency & Mercury brand is known for fine and meticulous artisanship. Designer Eque. M’s goal is the pursuit of beauty and functionality. The model Bebop within the Supremacy Line is handmade of rich titanium, polished acetate, and bronze decoration.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer,
speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


Eastern States Eyewear 800-645-3710 • eseyewear.com

Frency & Mercury frency-mercury.com

Peter Coombs Eyewear 800-654-6099 • petercoombseyewear.com

Rigards Eyewear rigards.com

Robert Marc 212-675-5200 • robertmarc.com

ROLF Spectacles 011-43-5678-20077-13 • Rolf-spectacles.com


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