If you currently run a blog for your eyecare practice, congratulations! You’re already way ahead of your peers. ECPs may see blogging as a waste of time, but when done efficiently, it can be a wonderful marketing tool to get the word out about your business. And who doesn’t want to attract potential new patients?

Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to blog about hold you back. There are plenty of approaches to blogging for your practice that are sure to create a buzz on the Internet and social media about the products and services you provide. Here are some topic ideas on various blog posts you could create:

  • Interview members of your staff. Ask them how they got their start in the business and what their eyewear preferences are. Share their advice when it comes to picking out frames and lenses or why they think it’s important to get your eyes examined. This will give patients a behind-the-scenes look at your practice and humanize your brand.
  • Create a slideshow of new products when they arrive in your shop. This will get patients excited to come into your practice, as you’ll build anticipation around new frame arrivals. Enthusiasm is contagious. The bigger deal you make out of a new release, the more attention it will get.
  • Promote special events such as trunk shows. Holding events at your practice will not only give you the chance to attract new patients, but fodder for your blog too. Make sure to announce and tease details about the event prior to the date, as well as recap the fun online for those who couldn’t make it afterwards. Don’t forget to take lots of photos to post!
  • Write about new eyewear designers or brands you’re adding. Get your patients up-to-date on new collections you’re carrying by telling the stories of these new designers or brands. Explore how their designs are translated into eyewear. A little research goes a long way.
  • Share your eye health expertise. Your patients know you know best when it comes to maintaining healthy eyes and vision, so why not disseminate some of that coveted advice? You could do a post on foods that are good for the eyes. Or why eye exams are a crucial part of diagnosing diabetes. Write about what sunglass lenses best protect their eyes in various conditions or while participating in different sports, or even about how to clean their eyeglasses or contact lens cases.

The possibilities are endless! The next time you’re debating starting a blog, or feel stuck trying to think of what to blog about, take a look at this list.

Ana Montoya is Social Media Director at First Vision Media Group.

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