Marchon’s Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint adapts to the changing light conditions throughout the day.
Anglers appreciate the Filter 8 polarized lenses featured on styles such as Wiley X’s WX Arrow.
Kaenon lenses have a backside anti-reflective treatment and a hydrophobic coating that repels water.
TAKING FLIGHT Pilots have unique sun lens needs, which Serengeti has addressed with the Drivers Gradient lens. Darker at the top, the lens shades pilots from harsh light from above while giving them a clear view of their instrument panel through the bottom of the lens. The photochromic feature means the lens adjusts to changing lighting conditions, and because the lenses are glass, the photochromic properties will never wear out or off. In addition, the Spectral Control of the lens gives the wearer defined contrast and color enhancement, which translates into sharper, crisper vision.

The right sports lens can offer a wearer protection, comfort, and enhanced performance.

The sporting goods industry does billions of dollars in sales every year by selling sports-specific equipment to consumers to help them perform at their peak level, regardless of the activity they enjoy. And within that category, the sunwear industry has countless sunglasses for consumers to choose from. Upon first glance, the potential wearer may just think a sunglass is a sunglass and as long as they dim outdoor light and their eyes are protected from UV damage, that’s all they need. But a well-trained ECP understands that choosing the right sun lens can enhance not only the wearer’s vision, but give them greater comfort and the ability to perform certain activities better.

Golfers respect the Callaway brand from ImageWear and now athletes can find that same quality in Callaway sunwear. The brand offers plano lenses in polarized gray or brown, or in prescription lenses of NEOX NX 14 Smoke or NEOX G22 Transitions. The NEOX G22 Transitions lens changes from a green yellow color to a dark green and offers better depth perception and distance vision while adapting to changing light. The polarized lenses manage blinding glare so they improve contrast and color saturation.

To develop the patented Nike Max Golf Tint lens (from Marchon Eyewear), Nike researched the color spectrum reflected from the golf environment including the grass, sky, and ball. The resulting violet hue lens increases contrast and depth perception, allowing golfers to read the contours in the greens better. Not only will it shave strokes on the green, but the Nike Max Golf Tint helps golfers better track the ball against sky and trees. Nike took the lens to the next level by partnering with Transitions Optical, Inc. to create the Nike Max Transitions Golf Tint, which adapts to the changing light conditions throughout the day, so you always have the perfect amount of tint for all day comfort.

Wiley X, Inc. has built Filter 8 Polarized lenses specifically for fishing enthusiasts. The first of eight layers, Slick, is a hydrophobic clear topcoat designed to repel water, salt water, and ice. This layer prevents spotting on the lens and provides excellent cleanability to the wearer. The T-Shell layer is a flexible hardcoating providing durability and scratch resistance. The Selenite polycarbonate lens offers impact resistance and optical clarity. The Filter 8 Polarized Film creates impeccable glare reduction and UV protection while enhancing the wearer’s ability to see fish under any circumstances. The Violet 4 Anti-Reflective Coating reduces annoying glares that may occur from backlit sources as well as reducing eye fatigue and strain. Fishing can be an all-day sport so wearers will want the protection and comfort this lens offers on and around the water. (The eight layers consist of two Slick, two Selenite, two T-Shell, one Violet 4, and one Filter 8 polarized film layer.)

Smith Optics touts its ChromaPop™ lens as an excellent choice for a day of fishing. The ChromaPop lenses are created from Trivex’ material, giving wearers excellent optics in comfortable lightweight lenses that are highly impact resistant. The lenses offer polarization to deliver high contrast but also great color enhancement using Smith’s Color Management Technology. The lenses also feature a hydroleophobic treatment on the front surface of the lens, making it easy to clean as it repels both oils and liquids from spotting the lenses. The multilayer mirror treatment also improves the reflection of light from wearers’ eyes, offering more visual comfort as they enjoy their sport.

When you have customers who enjoy water or snow sports, the last thing they want to be bothered with is constantly cleaning their lenses of water spots. Kaenon lenses are created using a hydrophobic coating that repels water, allowing excellent cleanability while preventing water spots from distorting vision. In addition, these polarized lenses have a backside anti-reflective treatment that prevents light from bouncing off the back of the lens into the eye. These backside reflections can be distracting to the wearer and inhibit their ability to perform at peak levels. Kaenon’s SR-91 lens material is durable-with the impact resistance of polycarbonate and the visual clarity of the finest glass-and offers 100% UV protection. You’ll find it available in polarized gray, brown, copper, or yellow, and in various color depths for a variety of light transmission needs.

With winter just around the corner, start considering which lenses may work well for outdoor snow activities. Whether it’s skiing or snowmobiling, Bollé’s Rose Blue AF lens offers increased contrast in medium and bright light conditions that give wearers the edge when trying to determine where icy patches might be lurking. On a day when lighting conditions are bright and sunny, the blue flash mirror helps reflect glare, keeping the wearer both safe and comfortable while enjoying their activities.

Don’t forget your patients who wear Rx lenses and still want superior vision and sun protection for their active lifestyle. Shamir Insight, Inc. comes to the aid of sports enthusiasts with sun lenses designed for active outdoor people. The Shamir Golf lens is designed with three enhanced zones (near for the scorecard, mid-range for the golf ball, and far for the green) using its “œAs-Worn” technology to maximize the Freeform design.  These lenses are perfect wrap sunwear frames and your golfing patients will appreciate the golfing sweet spots.

In addition, Shamir’s Attitude III lenses are designed with two options: one for fashion and one for sports because the visual demands of these two activities is far different. You’ll find them available for single and progressive lens wearers for wrap and standard Rx wearers with all the advantages Attitude III design has to offer.

Essilor of America, Inc.’s Xperio UV™ lenses are a great Rxable option, offering maximum UV protection (with E-SPF 50+) as well as the comfort and enhanced visual acuity of polarized lenses. Xperio UV lenses include a backside AR treatment to help reduce glare from the back of the lens, which could mimic a mirror where the wearer can see the reflection of their own eye. In addition, Xperio UV lenses have maximum scratch resistance, and are easy to clean.

As you can see there are several sunwear options for your patients who participate in outdoor activities. We know that all sporting equipment is not created equal, and neither are all sunglasses. Take the time to discover what activities your patients participate in and recommend lens colors and options that will best enhance their experience.

Joy L. Gibb is an optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.


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