Precision Optical Group, Inc. launches a customizable 4You Gold free-form lens.

The 4You Gold Lens, a fully customizable free-form lens from P.O.G. Labs, comes in single vision, progressive, and an office series in materials that include, but are not limited to, CR-39, Transitions Signature™ VII, polarized, and Trivex material. The 4You Gold free-form lens is also available with P.O.G. Labs’ in-house Zero Glare plus UV AR treatment.

With add powers ranging from +1.00D up to +3.50D, the 4You Gold Lens is the perfect solution for presbyopes. The fitting corridor is from 13mm to 35mm, so this lens will fit virtually any frame. Since the 4You Gold Lens is 100% customizable for every patient and every Rx, ECPs will have an easy time dispensing this product.

The fully personalized 4You Gold free-form lenses are German designed and cost a fraction of the price of competitors’ products. P.O.G. Labs is so confident that ECPs and patients will love the 4You Gold free-form lenses that it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These unique lenses can help boost revenue for any ECP.

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