The Bias goggle by Spy has a patented Scoop anti-fogging ventilation system.

Regardless of season or sport, there’s a perfect pair of goggles out there for everyone.

Though it’s often overlooked, the eyewear required for seasonal sports like skiing, motorcycling, and deep-sea diving is just as important as the other must-have equip­­­ment for these sports. The following is a quick peek at some goggles that can help your patients stay safe and protected from the environment in whatever sport or activity they’re doing.

Outdoor interferences may temporarily impair a motorcycle or motocross rider and goggles will certainly aid in keeping wind, debris, and weather from getting in the way of a good ride. In fact, most states in the U.S.

Zeal’s Transcend GPS SPPX Goggles are the world’s first GPS-enabled goggles.

require that safety goggles be worn by both the rider and the passenger.
The Max Extreme by Eye Ride Motor­­­wear is perfect for the motor­cycling enthusiast. Side air vents prevent the lenses from fogging, the closed cell rubber foam keeps the eyes and surrounding area protected from wind, and the fully adjust­able elastic strap keeps the goggle in place while in motion or stopping for a traffic light. Max Extreme can be used for motorsports and power sports, as well.

Athletes love making the most of performance and safety, as they should. A new performance snow goggle with an interchangeable lens design, Oakley, Inc.’s Air­brake™ allows the wearer to adapt to the environment and experience high-quality vision. Cutting-edge Switch­­lock™

Ducal’s SwimSpec lenses are antifog treated, UV-free, and offer excellent clarity.

Technology allows for quick and easy lens changing, and each goggle includes two lens colors, with additional options available.

The Transcend GPS SPPX Goggles by Zeal Optics are the world’s first GPS-enabled goggles. This helmet-compatible goggle features an LCD display mounted inside to display real-time statistics on a run down the mountain, including altitude, speed, temperature, distance, vertical, and time features. Software allows for down­loading of data to a computer, and overlay of the data onto 3D Google maps. A USB port charger, software upgrades, and protective case are included. The shield is polarized and photochromic for low light to full light and the best UV and glare protection while increasing contrast.

Hilco’s Leader adult dive mask
has an adjustable head strap
and an Rx adapter.

Spy Optic, Inc.’s Bias goggle for women comes in (mosaic) flower power or in a Les Ettes signature color palette. Don’t let the carefree, flowery lines of this goggle fool you: the Bias is technical and all business in the snow, keeping things clear with its patented Scoop® anti-fogging ventilation system. New for next season, the Bias features triple-layer Iso­tron™ face foam with moisture-wicking fleece and uniquely formulated, low-light pink, persimmon, and yellow tints Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, which reduce internal reflections, provide high-definition vision, and cut glare. This smaller snow goggle is designed to fit the most popular helmets, as well.

Julbo Eyewear’s new Orbiter collection helps skiers see the entire mountain clearly and comfortably with its ventilated Zebra or Camel spherical photochromic lens (protection category 2 to 4). The large format ski goggle comes with numerous options, as well. Orb­iter is just one of a full line of ski goggles Julbo offers. A ventilated lens provides peripheral vision of the entire mountain regardless of light levels.


GOING BALLISTIC AS THE NORM When extreme protection is needed for tactical activities, look for eyewear that can handle a hard impact. Wiley X, Inc. gets ballistics and takes the concept to the highest degree with its foam-lined SG-1 tactical spectacles that converts to goggles when the wearer removes the temples and inserts an elastic strap. Military people across the globe take advantage of this technology. In fact, the SG-1 is authorized for use by the U.S. and Danish militaries. Safety standards that are met include ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity & High Mass Impact Standard and Military Performance Specification Certified for Spectacle Protection (MIL-PRF-31013). And the SG-1 is approved by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Anyone with a refractive error can appreciate the convenience of being able to see underwater while wearing prescription lenses. The SwimSpec swim goggle by Ducal Corp. can be Rxed from a -20.00D to a +14.00D, even when the patient needs prismatic lenses. Eye cushions are made of watertight, comfortable, and lightweight silicone rubber, which keeps the water from entering the area surrounding the eyes. SwimSpec lenses are anti-fog treated, UV-free, and offer excellent clarity. The bridge strap is adjustable, with three positions to help ensure a proper fit and pupillary distance placement.

Kite boarding, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, body surfing, and other “on top of the water” sports make up water skimming. The concerns here are water, debris, wind, excessive sun light, and glare. Birdz Eyewear’s high base wrap Seahawk Goggle eliminates all distractions like glare from the sun because the lenses are polarized. The lightweight TPX frame material is flexible and has the ability to float. Combined with an adjustable headband, comfortable rubber nosepiece, and custom intake air vents located on the front, the Seahawk is perfect for the many great sports that take place on top of the water.

The thought of breathing with scuba or snorkeling equipment may be stressful enough for some. Knowing that your gear is specifically designed for diving may relieve some of that stress and diving instructors will be the first to attest that appropriate equipment is an absolutely critical factor.

The Liberty Sport SV2100 dive mask offers an ultra comfortable mask skirt (seal), available in plano, round segmented bifocals, and single vision custom prescriptions. This dependable diving mask is considered low volume to minimize the change of pressure that occurs with depth. The side glow feature allows for maximized peripheral vision.
Hilco’s Leader adult dive mask is up for the challenge as well. This waterproof goggle fits snugly around the eyes and nose for a secure fit. The adjustable head strap keeps the goggle in place and an Rx adapter is included for those who require prescription lenses.

Get your patients on board with goggles so they’re sure to enjoy sports activities and be protected from the elements at the same time.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician, and a writer, lecturer, course preparer, and consultant in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.

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