The Gravity from Bollé has a wide field of view, created by the steep curve in its spherical lens design.
Ideal for motorcycling, Liberty Sport’s Chopper uses magnetic technology to secure the eyecups right to the frame, offering maximum coverage.

Eyewear consumers looking for goggles have a wide range of options from which to choose.

Whether they’re for cold weather, water, outdoor sports, or another purpose altogether, all goggles enclose the area around the eyes in order to protect them from flying particles, dust, wind, water, chemicals, or fumes. And while goggles don’t hold the biggest market share in the eyewear market, they certainly make up an interesting—and necessary—aspect of the field.

Bollé offers a wide variety of ski and snowboard goggles. The Gravity boasts one of the widest fields of view on the market, thanks to the steep curve in its spherical lens design. This style comes in a variety of catchy designs and a choice of tints. Prescription inserts can easily be used to turn the goggles into prescription eyewear. Bollé goggles feature venting to reduce fogging and optimizing airflow, while preventing clogging from ice and snow. The company also has its own proprietary anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to prevent interrupted vision and avoid most scratches.

A versatile ski goggle that can take a wearer from early morning runs all the way into the sunset is the Revolution by Julbo. The anti-fog yellow lenses have a fast-changing photochromic feature that goes from a light transmission rate of 42% to just 7% in a matter of seconds. The anti-fog coating is placed with laser technology to ensure long life and high quality. The Revolution comes in four frame colors and will accept prescription lenses with the optional Rx adapter.

With its Mogul ski goggles, Hilco comes to the forefront once again. Designed to enhance both vision and performance, these goggles fit over regular eyewear or can be used with a removable Rx adapter. The dual lens system prevents fogging and the amber tinted lens is ideal for enhancing contrast on the slopes in all light conditions. Mogul goggles offer 100% UV protection and are polarized to prevent glare from the snow and sun.

PROTECTION IS PRIORITY According to Prevent Blindness America, more than 700,000 people injure their eyes at work, another 125,000 injure their eyes at home, and more than 40,000 adults and children suffer eye injuries while playing sports each year. And these are just the injuries that get reported. Experts say perhaps 90% of eye injuries could be prevented with proper protective eyewear.

Swim goggles are often at the top of consumers’ lists. After a long swimming session, the chemicals in a pool can cause irritated, itchy eyes. Contact lens wearers also risk serious eye infections by wearing their contacts in a chlorine pool or in a lake with any number of microorganisms lurking. Many swimmers with ammetropia either wear their contacts and risk losing them, or they simply swim in a blur without them. It is important for competitive swimmers as well as weekend swimmers to protect their eyes in the water while enjoying some useable vision. Rxable goggles can solve both problems. Swim goggles should have a proper seal so water can’t leak into the eyes. The goggles should also rest on the orbit bone instead of suctioning onto the socket.

The Edge Rx swim goggle from Hilco has integrated, leakproof eye seals, according to the company. The one-step strap makes this style a breeze to adjust, and don’t worry about picking out the right size: each pair comes with three nosepieces, so there’s a fit for every size face from child to adult. The goggles come in blue or smoke and have corrective lens powers from -1.00D to -8.00D and +1.00D to +8.00D. A fashionable hard-sided red and black storage case comes with each pair.

Motorcycling, skiing, bicycling, and any outdoor activity that is subject to speed or wind requires eye protection from the elements. This is especially true of individuals and patients who suffer from the agonizing effects of dry eye. The Airshield, from 7eye by Panoptx, the originator of the protective orbital seal in sunglasses, can get this job done.

All styles within the Airshield
Collection from 7eye by Panoptx have a patented Orbital Seal that uses filtered vents to control airflow.
Julbo’s Revolution is Rxable and offered in four frame colors.
The Edge Rx swim goggle from Hilco has integrated, leakproof eye seals, and an easy-to-adjust strap.

Typically made for motorcycle enthusiasts, the Airshield Collection has several frames from which to choose, all with a patented Orbital Seal that uses filtered vents to control airflow and create a comfortable, safe environment for the eyes. Its closed-cell foam eye cup repels moisture and encompasses the orbit of the eye with a comfortable fit and seal protection factor of 100, offering wearers a maximum level of protection and performance.

GOGGLES FOR THE SMALLER SET Kids need goggles that fit their smaller noses and head size. Rec-Specs from Liberty Sport offer both small and medium child goggles, while Hilco, Bollé, 7eye by Panoptx, and Oakley, to name a few, all have designs for kids and adults with smaller-framed faces available.

Where cycling is concerned, Liberty Sport has several offerings. The Biker model is recommended for both cycling and motorcycling. The 8.00D base wraparound curve delivers outstanding peripheral vision and the flexible temples sit close to the head to fit under most helmets. The back lip on the eyerim offers extra lens protection so there’s less chance of the lenses popping out when you need them the most. The Biker comes in several colors and the anti-scratch lenses are Rxable.

Also from Liberty Sport, the Chopper is made specifically for motorcycling. MagTraxion Technology uses magnetic technology to secure the eyecups right to the frame to provide maximum coverage, while built-in venting reduces fogging. The pierced temples also allow airflow and screening of debris. Available in five colors, the Chopper comes with a semi-hard case, eyecups pouch, and an adjustable cord.

Several companies offer goggles that are functional for multiple sports like basketball, racquetball, tennis, and squash. Basketball and racquet sports are considered high-risk activities for eye injuries and should be addressed with top-notch eye protection. The Hilco Front Runner wraparound sports goggle has a patented lens retention system and a strap that can convert from a head strap to under the helmet strap easily. The Front Runner looks sharp in any of its five colors.

The Morpheus III wrap goggle from Liberty Sport allows for a wide range of Rx powers and comes in a unisex shape with four snazzy two-tone color choices. The bridge and endpiece have soft padding for comfort and fit.

Whether your patients are into extreme sports or are simply weekend warriors, it’s important to capture the excitement of their sport interests and help them identify the right goggle.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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