BCBGMAXAZRIA from ClearVision has styles like Rhiannon, with a flatter base curve and longer, bowed temples.

The options are ever increasing for ECPs looking for eyewear to fit all their patients.

Countless patients don’t fit the old-school European frame dimensions eyecare professionals have worked with for generations. Fortunately, companies have taken notice and the range of sizing variety is expanding.

People with lower or flatter bridges or higher, more prominent cheekbones will benefit from frames that modify the bridge by building up and changing the splay angle of acetate bridges. Oakley, Inc.’s Asian Fit eye- and sunwear takes advantage of specially sized nosepads. The nosebridge is narrowed and deepened, and longer pad mounts are used on certain frames giving room for more adjustment. Models for both women and men such as Fast Jacket, Drizzle, Radar, and Overtime provide this fit, which is essential for comfort, protection, and optical performance.

Wearers who have narrow or lower bridges combined with a flatter facial structure will undoubtedly be thrilled to find frames with an adjustable fit. BCBGMAXAZRIA from ClearVision Optical Co. offers nine styles in its Global Fit Collection, designed specifically for these patients. All models, including Rhiannon, have adjustable gooseneck nosepad arms and are designed with a flatter base curve and longer, bowed temples.

Marcolin’s Designed2Fit features wider front shapes, flatter bridges, and longer temples. (Style No. CG400 shown here.)

Distributed by Prologue Vision, Alexandra Peng Charton introduced TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear in 2009 as the first North American brand to focus solely on making distinctive, beautiful eyewear for Asian-featured faces. The company’s styles focus on lower and narrower nosebridges, wider faces, and higher cheekbones. For those seeking frames with a wider fit, try Eddie, a stylish men’s acetate or Sarah, a classic women’s acetate. These frames are made to accommodate wider faces and offer ample room between the temples. Hand-polished acetate nosepads are designed into the frames to provide better support and prevent frames from sliding down the face. For individuals with narrower faces, Ada or Kent will fit better and still offer the proper support on the bridge to keep the eyewear in place.


Hoping to offer pads with more adjustability and frame sizing for narrower, deeper bridges? ProDesign Eyewear, Inc., with products strongly rooted in classic Danish design, creates the kind of award-winning, quality products that offer an aesthetic appeal with a twist. The Axiom, Zense, Essentials, 4th Dimension, and Iris collections provide a wide range of color options and all acetate models can be ordered with adjustable nosepads.


TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear, distributed by Prologue Vision,
features hand-polished acetate nosepads and proper bridge support.

Eyesizes that are wider and shallower with temples that are offset and offered in longer lengths will also benefit wearers with rounder or wider heads. Available from Marcolin USA, Designed2Fit, a subcollection of CoverGirl, targets a more diverse female market and brings a fresh, desirable look to eyewear. Style Nos. CG400 and CG404 are prime examples of the offerings, which provide a stylish, comfortable fit with wider front shapes, flatter bridges, and longer temples.

Another addition to the global fit scene, Sean John Eyewear collection, from Marchon Eyewear, is designed to effortlessly fit each individual’s unique facial structures and face shapes without compromising fashion.

Call it global fit, Asian fit, or ethnic fit, patients outside of standard frame configurations need this kind of eyewear.

Roxanne Armstrong is a licensed optician and owner of Art For Your Face, in McLean, VA.


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