With True Digital Edge lenses, high-powered Rx patients will not longer be disappointed.
TRULY DIGITAL Traditionally, patients with higher prescriptions would be relegated to sunglass frames that might as well be regular ophthalmic frames, with little or no wrap. The days of trying to sound excited when telling patients that while they cannot use a wrap sunglass frame with their prescription but they can choose any regular frame and have sun lenses put in it, are all but over. Oakley, Inc.’s research and development efforts are ongoing and continue to yield innovative solutions like Oakley True Digital Edge technology.
OTD lenses are available in a range from +4.00D to -6.00D.

Oakley’s True Digital Edge wrap technology can accommodate about 90% of prescriptions, including those with high Rx’s.

Patients not only demand wraparound sunglasses for aesthetic reasons but they also want them because they’re more effective in blocking glare, wind, and damaging UV rays. ECPs have become accustomed to the limitations that patients wanting a high-powered Rx in steep base curve sunwear frames often face. With Oakley, Inc.’s True Digital Edge™ (OTD) lenses, high-powered Rx patients will no longer be disappointed. Whether a patient is a major league baseball player or just enjoys watching games from the stands, OTD Edge lenses will enable them to see and look their best while using Rx’d wrapped sunwear.

OTD Edge technology is available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses. Oakley uses highly specialized software and free-form surfacing equipment to design and process these lenses. What results is a custom lens that uniquely meets the wearer’s cosmetic and optical needs.

Confined to standard lens technology, patients using a wrapped sunglass frame for a high-powered prescription can encounter extreme lens thickness. For myopic patients, this translates into unsightly temporal thickness, whereas with hyperopic prescriptions, the thickness manifests near the bridge. Both outcomes are unfavorable, ugly, and impractical. OTD Edge lenses are able to reduce edge thickness by up to 40%-no small feat! Oakley’s ThinZone Technology yields a minimum 60° field of vision per eye and then sculpts away as much unusable excess lens as possible without impeding optics. OTD Edge lenses deliver clear binocular vision of at least 120°, which is considerably wider than a traditional wrapped application.

OTD Edge lenses also include a proprietary Dynamic Frost Technology, a satin frost finish that lines the edge of the lenses at the sight of expected distortion and aberration. This application masks the “visual noise” that would otherwise interfere with balanced stereoscopic vision. The usual established norm for the optical industry is to accept the visual blurriness inherent in this type of application, but Oakley has challenged and resolved that dilemma. The result is a thin lens with a wide binocular field of view and minimal distraction from distortion.

OTD Edge lenses are available for both single vision and progressive applications. Patients can experience this technology in a range from +4.00D to -6.00D, which will accommodate about 90% of prescriptions. Prior to the introduction of this technology, Oakley was only able to serve patients with an Rx within the range of +2.00D to -3.00D, which is about 60% of them. This means that patients who want the style and improved side protection of high-wrap lenses won’t be impeded by prescriptions that would normally require them to settle for flatter sunglasses or high-wrap lenses with poor optics and inferior cosmetics.

By consistently investing in research and development, Oakley is able to stay ahead of the “base” curve. Now, when patients fall in love with a pair of Oakley wrap sunglasses, you won’t have to disappoint them.

Sam Winnegrad is an instructor in the Opticianry Department at Roane State Community College in Harriman, TN.


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