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Take advantage of what the frame-display companies have to offer to highlight designer eyewear.

You’ve purchased a nice mix of attractive and exciting designer eyewear, now the question is how do you display it to get the maximum impact on your investment? Here are some frequently asked questions about displaying designer eyewear.

How should designer frames be displayed to stand out?

One basic rule for displaying designer eyewear is “less is more.” Don’t overcrowd the displays with too many frames. It’s best to have only one brand in each display. Think of the display as a focal point to draw patients into your dispensary by having the display in a visible, well-lit area where the frames and logos can be seen from almost every direction.

Another tip is to display a listing of the brands you carry for patients to easily see. This signage catches the eye of patients and they can ask for a specific brand, which keeps your practice looking trendy and modern. Eye Designs offers a brand-only display that highlights the featured brands in your dispensary.

What kind of restrictions are placed by licensed designer brands on displaying their eyewear?

Restrictions vary by brand. Always check with the licensed brand rep for display constraints. Some brands require that their display tower be used. Most, however, will let you use any wall-mounted or counter display as long as you utilize the required branded point-of-purchase signage and do not display any other brands in the same display case. Ennco Display Systems suggests the big concern for brands is that they have their image portrayed and their logo used properly.

What ratio should I have between high-end licensed designer eyewear and standard frames?

Typically we see a ratio of 20-30% of high-end designer frames vs. standard frames in most dispensaries, according to Of course, boutique dispensaries that have an upscale niche are the exception to this rule.

Should designer frames be placed in a locking display or in an open environment?

There is not an easy yes or no answer to this question. According to Eye Designs, unlocked frames typically sell two to one over locked frames. If theft is small and has little or no business impact, keep the frames unlocked. If theft is significant, use locked displays but be sure that staff is readily available to assist patients.

Another way to protect high-end frames in an open environment is to use simulated security tags like the ones Arch Crown offers. They look authentic and are inexpensive.


Follow these tips on how to display your designer frames to their best advantage

• Consider the “less is more” adage
• Use signage to show the brands you carry
• Employ logo and brand name according to what the brand dictates
• Carry 20-30% high-end designer brands
• Utilize your judgment when deciding if frames should be locked

What are effective ways for displaying sunglasses?

Proper lighting is a must for sunwear. Separate sunwear brand displays are a great focal point for the luxury buyer. Tell your story with props and color to draw attention to that designer. Blocks and shelving at different heights will add interest. Be imaginative and don’t be afraid to change the colors and theme in your sun display regularly.

Displaying Rx eyewear is a creative and enjoyable task but displaying sunwear is exciting because there is so much you can do with it. Let your imagination flow while you have fun!

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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