With an optical onboard tracer, the LE-700 can trace and block while a previous job is being edged.

• Compact size
• Edge and groove in chamber
• Low-volume water usage
• Integrated lens and pattern tracer
• Optional onboard tracer
• Step-by-step, easy-to-read digital screen
• Integrated intelligent blocker
• Ability to change lens shapes for custom designs
• Santinelli’s most affordable edging system to date

Santinelli combines advanced features and value in its most affordable edger to date.

With profit margins shrinking every day and competition increasing exponentially, you might have contemplated ways to make your office more profitable. One way is to add a finishing lab. Edging lenses in-house can quickly show you a return on investment, especially when you don’t have to dole out big bucks for a fancy high-end system. Whether you’re looking to add a finishing lab to your practice or simply upgrade your current system, Santinelli International, Inc.’s LE-700 is the perfect fit.

In trying economic times, it’s refreshing when a company introduces equipment that doesn’t require you to take out a second mortgage just to edge lenses. The LE-700 is the latest model in new-tech edging at a low-tech price. Never before has Santinelli offered such a great edging option for such good value. The LE-700 is an all-in-one, high-quality edging station.

When it comes to edging, this little beauty can handle all of your lens materials. The chamber uses a green approach in water conservation and the groover utilizes a direct-drive shaft unit for accuracy and longevity. If this were simply an edger, then that would be enough. But the LE-700 also takes a unique approach with a patternless system that requires no tracer.

Santinelli combined its Lens Measuring Unit (LMU) with its Radius Measuring Unit (RMU) and integrated it into the edging system. A pattern or a demo lens can be inserted into the unit and the lens or pattern is traced to provide the exact shape and size as well as a 3D curvature measurement (in the case of the demo lenses) to ensure a perfect fit in one cut. For those who prefer the more traditional frame tracing method, an optional onboard, high-curve tracer is available. This tracer is a front-loaded design that easily handles most high-wrap designs, ensuring a proper fit for those popular wrap-style sunglasses.

In addition, the LE-700 also includes an integrated, intelligent blocker. The unit’s digital screen is easy to read and allows the user to change the shape of the lens by simply altering a few measurements (one of my favorite features).

Worried about training time? This edger can lead the lab technician through each step with on-screen prompts so a new employee can be trained quickly. And, unlike other fully integrated edging systems, with the addition of the optional onboard tracer, you can start tracing and blocking while the previous job is being edged. What a time-saver!

Measuring less than 22 in. W x 20 in. D x 14 in. H, this edging station will take up very little room so it’s a great fit no matter how small your office is. The LE-700 edging station is a little guy with a large presence. What better partner for your business can you find?

Kevin Harrison is president and owner of Heritage Vision Center, an independent optical dispensary in Hattiesburg, MI.


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