Following its motto, “The more outrageous, the better,” Humphrey’s Eyewear rolls out a Scandinavian-inspired concept for 12 new ophthalmics (part of the 35-model collection) that focus on a hip, urban, ever-evolving style that embraces a minimalistic, chic style with small shapes and strong autumnal colors.

Generations Y and Z, who demand individual style and like to stand out in a crowd, are drawn to this brand that brings out optimism and individuality for the wearer. These youthful, spirited folks-for whom eyewear is an essential styling element-are self-confident, self-expressive and adventurous in life. They dare to wear bold and colorful frames that are trendy and fashionable.

Men’s model 583068, made of thin, matte finished acetate, features minimal branding that makes way for bold colorations. An easy-to-wear shape with vintage-like temples and spring hinges provides trendy comfort in gray, tortoise and green.

Equally bold, 582206 uses unique acetate laminations and two-tone plating on the stainless steel frame front with a color pop on the inside. For male wearers with larger heads who need progressives, 594016 is the ticket. A wood-grain effect on acetate front and temples offers urban appeal, and colorways of dark brown, black and navy keep it classic.

Another newbie on the block is model 594015. This more pillowed, feminine shape is made of super lightweight TR-90. The fading monochromic color on the frame front and metal décor offer just the right amount of contrast while the metal endpiece ups the cool factor. The color selections are raspberry, green and brown. The all-around thin profile makes this a favorite.

Jackie O’Keefe, LDO, is a writer, speaker, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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