Sales Strategies for the Sporting Life 


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A critical component of a robust inventory, sports eyewear is the next step following an initial eyewear or contact lens purchase. Discover new ways to make this category a success in your dispensary.

Educate yourself

Learn about the sports you want to cater to through TV, magazines, talking shop with various athletes, and with the help of Internet research. Once you have your chops, then look for the right sports eyewear to fill the need. Serious amateur golfers make a six-figure income and play well over 100 hours of golf per year. They demand serious gear along with serious sunwear to give them the visual edge to read the course-and they will pay for it. Ideal options to offer patients in this category include Oakley Flak 2.0 XL with PRIZM Golf lens, and Marchon Eyewear’s Nike Vision Golf X2 and Golf X2 Pro.

Walk the walk


To effectively sell sports eyewear, everyone in the dispensary needs to ask lifestyle questions consistently, including the doctor. An ophthalmologist I know dons a pair of Costa sunglasses around his neck after the white coat goes on and he wears them throughout the day.

Focus on Your Inventory

Just as managers and scouts look for fresh talent to build their teams, the ECP scrutinizes sports eyewear offerings to bolster sales. Examples include Liberty Sport, Rudy Project North America, Wiley X, Inc., SPY, and SMITH. All these lines have diverse inventory to handle a number of outdoor activities. All provide technical expertise and Rx capability for a number of their styles. In addition, the ECP can benefit from their large advertising footprint by being listed as an authorized dealer. They also provide camera-ready artwork to incorporate on an ECP’s website.

Utilize Social Media and Local Outreach

Make sure your website is social-media friendly as this is an inexpensive way to advertise and increase engagement from patients and potential patients. In addition, attend local events as a practice outreach tool. Running events, outdoor equipment expos, boat shows, and other events along those lines can yield heavy traffic past a booth, often at a nominal cost.

Show off your inventory Make sure your sports eyewear products are displayed prominently. Many of the manufacturers that offer sports eyewear have effective displays to show off their products and educate a potential buyer. Their marketing tools can do the selling for you while patients wait in a busy dispensary.

Review and Change the Dispensary Layout

Have your sports eyewear displayed toward the back or middle portion of your dispensary. This requires the patient to move around, thereby looking at other product offerings.

Educate your team about sports eyewear, market your inventory, and your practice will reap the benefits.

Richard W. McCoy is the owner of Fashion Eyes Vision Center in Fort Myers, FL, and an Opticianry Instructor at Hillsborough Community College in Fort Myers.


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