The large and pillowed lenses in Chrome Hearts’ Fluffer appear to be floating and jumping right out at you.
Friezeframes Portland style makes a bold statement in a wearable shape.
Fun and funky eyewear can be a conglomeration of shapes as seen in Carmen Marc Valvo’s Dominique style from Signature.

There’s a plethora of eyewear that attracts those who want to be noticed.

Have you ever walked down the street and suddenly caught a glimpse of something that grabbed your attention? I sure have and many times it is eyewear. Whether out of the ordinary in shape, size, design, construction, or color, it’s usually eyewear that has a fun and funky attitude. These bold designs add expression to those who wear them and provide a head-turning experience for those who see them for the first time.

When Friezeframes designer Jason Stanley created the Portland style, the goal was to design a unique new frame that would make a bold statement without ending up with an unwearable shape. The Portland is exactly that. The soft triangle shape, made of smooth and thinly carved acetate, has a sophisticated librarian flare with a dash of flirtation in it. It’s designed for college-age and business women. The triangle shape is very comfortable to wear and is also progressive-friendly.

Inspired by the French and influenced by global fashion, Francis Klein (an optician) and his wife Michele (an interior designer) create their own eyewear. Their handmade frames use various shapes, designs, and decorations like engravings, metal elements, and Swarovski stones to project an attitude like no other.

With its exaggerated petal-raised pattern, the eye-catching Dasy style truly brings on the flower power look and feel of the ‘60s. Dasy’s enjoyably wearable shape is for the young and fun at heart and the flowery color combinations are infinite because each piece is custom-made to order.

Since 1975, Cazal Eyewear has dared to be different. Offered by Eastern States Eyewear and UltraPalm Optical Co., Inc., the Cazal Legends Collection has always been funky and fun by paying attention to size and color and adding hand-applied adornments like glitter, stones, and lacquer inlays.

Francis Klein’s Dasy is an enjoyably wearable shape for the young and fun at heart.
Style No. 2033M in Morel’s Margaux collection is an eye-catching modified cat eye with heavier and crafted acetate top rims, tapered temples, and a thin metal chassis.

Style No. 607 boasts an extra-large and squared plastic frame front with gold endpieces connected to tapered temples; bold colors add pizzazz. It’s the hottest and most popular frame in the collection.

This season, large, bold, shiny, and chic styling made its way from the runway to eyewear. In-your-face, oversized, and overemphasized style is all the rage.

The Fluffer by Chrome Hearts is a whopping 6mm in width and 53mm in depth. The large and pillowed lenses appear to be floating and jumping right out at you. This retro-shaped metal frame with a three-dimensional titanium punch-out front has contrasting thinly made temples with leather temple tips. Enamel inlays accent the top portion of the frame above each lens and a Chrome Hearts “plus” motif appears at the temples.

Mixing things up is a great way to add a funky and fun look to almost any type of eye- and sunwear. By selecting the perfect amount of adornments and adding them to an already large and fashionable style transforms them like no other makeover can.

Check out the Verona style by OVVO Optics. This shimmering style has an even more intensified “bling” look with its 158 hand-applied Swarovski crystals and detailed lace-shaped temples. There are 65 stations needed to complete each pair and one skilled worker can only make three pairs of this handcrafted sunwear per day. The detailed and generously proportioned Verona weighs only 0.85 ozs. because of its lightweight surgical stainless steel and

Carmen Marc Valvo: Carmen Marc Valvo is a quintessential American designer who has been exploring his soul’s desire to bring glamorous dressing to every woman’s life since 1989.
Cazal by Eastern States and UltraPalm: Designed to be unique, unmistakable works of art. Always daring to be different, Cazal’s creativity and uncompromising quality remain at the pinnacle of modern eyewear.
Chrome Hearts: A luxury accessories, leather, and furniture brand renowned for its sophisticated life-inspired designs, Chrome Hearts was first conceived in 1988 by Richard Stark in Los Angeles. The brand honors Stark’s commitment to quality materials and timeless design to this day.
Francis Klein: The Klein family gives life to their drawings. If you want to distinguish yourself by saying your personality and your style, these eyeglasses are for you.
Friezeframe: Jason Stanley stands by his desire to create vintage-inspired styling eyewear that is 100% American made. His collections represent and speak to geek chic Americana style.
Margaux by Morel: Faithful to that spirit, the 1880 Collection by Marius Morel offers an opportunity to rediscover the elegance of those very first designs: authentic products subtly modernized through the interplay of size and detail, and reinterpreted using today’s technologies.
OVVO: The most recent collection ranges from classic aviator, cat-eye, and oversized frames to rare and cutting-edge styles popular among European celebrities and fashion designers, including models hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals.

titanium construction. The end result is a comfortable eye-catching look just for her.

Merging the right mix of frame materials is another great way to create fun and funky styles, and using various material thicknesses and color combinations just adds to the excitement of the eyewear.

Morel’s 1880 Collection by Marius Morel introduces the Margaux Collection for women. Style No. 2033M is a perfect example of a combination frame that’s fun and funky. What makes this modified cat eye so eye-catching is the combination of the heavier handcrafted acetate top rims, tapered temples, and thin metal chassis. This contrasting combination, along with the bold coloring, draws all of the attention to the top of the eyewear. The contemporary modified cat-eye shape is also progressive-friendly, making this style accessible to just about any lens wearer.

Have you ever looked closely at someone’s eyewear and you could not immediately determine what shape it was? Obviously round is round, square is square, and triangle is triangle, but fun and funky eyewear can also be a conglomeration of shapes.

The Carmen Marc Valvo Collection offered by Signature Eyewear includes the Dominique style which mirrors this cross-shaping trend. I describe the shape as “where upswept cat eye meets angular square.” This handmade acetate frame is flattering on the wearer with its substantial endpiece that reaches out to meet the thicker temples.

As you can see, fun and funky eyewear certainly stands out in any crowd. And yes, those who wear attitude eyewear like to be noticed among their peers and stand out in that crowd too…and perhaps entice the onlooker to consider wearing something like it as well.

Jackie O’Keefe is a licensed optician, and a writer, lecturer, and course preparer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area.


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