ChumBuoy is essentially a life jacket for eyewear.

Here’s an overview of sports retainers that help people keep their eyewear handy while they’re outdoors.

In general, people buy retainers so they won’t lose their glasses. The risk of loss or damage increases, however, in the warmer weather when people become more active and spend more time outdoors. The following products help keep eyewear in reach at all times.

The retainers, lanyards, and cords from Chums have your back when it comes to keeping eye- or sunwear safe on the water. ChumBuoy is reminiscent of a life jacket for eyewear. Wearers attach the ChumBuoy to any sports retainer they have already attached to their glasses. If their eyeglasses fall into the water, the ChumBuoy gets to work and floats, saving the eyewear from descending to a watery demise. Since the product attaches to any retainer, the ChumBuoy is a universal floatation device.

The NeoFloater is a convenient one-piece neoprene retainer that has a built-in ChumBouy. Simply slip the open ends of the NeoFloater over the earpieces of eyeglasses and the closed cell foam retainer will float frames up to 35g. For heavier eyeglasses, the Neo MegaFloat will buoy up to 85g.

The Fat Cat 3-Way Eyewear Retainer from EK Ekcessories is designed specifically for extra-large earpieces and temples.

All Croakies floating retainers come in a variety of styles and beacon colors (yellow and red) so consumers can easily see their glasses floating on the water. Use the Croakies Floatation Factor (CFF) to determine the amount of floatation required to save different types of glasses when making recommendations:

CFF 1: Floats plastic frame and plastic lens eyewear.
CFF 2: Floats either plastic frame/glass lens or metal frame/ plastic lens eyewear.
CFF 3: Floats up to metal frame/glass lens eyewear.

The Croakies ARC system is the company’s newest and most technologically advanced retainer. An articulating that adjusts to stay off the neck and collar, and the cable easily snaps on and off. The ARC system comes with two pairs of interchangeable ends to accommodate most eyewear temple tips.

Marketing a wide variety of accessories, EK Ekcessories offers 18 different sports eyewear retainers. Most of the company’s retainers are constructed of braided nylon cord and are available in 45 different color combinations. There are even leather versions.

hides’ H20 retainer offers security, protection, and cleaning, all in one retainer.

Most models include the word “Cat,” such as Thin Cats, Leather Spec Cats, and Kiddie Cat. Made with 3mm rope and rubber ends, the EK-patented 3-Way Fat Cat Eyewear Retainer is designed specifically for those extra-large earpieces and temples so common in today’s sports sunwear.

How about a case and retainer all in one? hides kicks technology and multi-purpose usability up a notch with its line of retainers which come in several colors and styles. The retainers, (Classic, Technoskin, H2O, and SportGrip) perform three functions in one: security, protection, and cleaning.

For example, when the Technoskin is not being used as a snug retainer, its compact pouch-like case serves three functions: it’s an extender, so the eyewear can be hung around the neck, it’s a case for storage, and the soft lens-safe material is also a handy cleaner.

Help your patients keep their eyewear safe and secure this summer with a good quality sports retainer.

Randall L. Smith is the Opticianry Program Director at Baker College in Jackson, MI.

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