Install kid-centric displays and playful, bright P-O-P materials to capture the attention of young wearers. 

Kids naturally gravitate to areas designed expressly for them. By creating a warm, welcoming and fun child-friendly space (or multiple spaces) in your practice for younger patients, you will boost their excitement about choosing eyewear and make them feel right at home.

Teachable Moment

Kids like to observe and sometimes listen, but most want to touch the world around them. Pride & Archive is a small bespoke company specializing in custom furniture, and its latest achievement combines functionality and interactivity. Check out the Blue Light Kiosk that educates both caregivers and children about the importance of reducing harmful blue light. This multicolored, stand-alone display is made of environmentally friendly materials and incorporates a digital tablet and blue-light-blocking plano eyewear. Once the child puts on the eyewear, they can play on the tablet.

Off The Wall

Setting up colorful and fun wall-mounted displays and frame boards is a relatively easy, effective way to tell children that this area-and the eyewear- is just for them. The ability to customize the displays based on your available space is key, too.

Eye Designs’ customizable Kid’s Versa Wall Kit offers three brushed aluminum panels and all the accessories (Spiderman action figure, Mickey Mouse and Goofy plush toys, three letter blocks) you need to create a dedicated display. It’s a quick, simple and inexpensive solution for any retail space. You can also add additional shelving, rotating frame holders, mirrors and your own branding messages.

Frame Displays just introduced its strongest and indestructible optical display, the Optitile Panel in white, molded, UV, composite polycarbonate. Highly scalable, the material does not discolor and includes SMART Open or Locking frame holders. Wall-mounted panels install in minutes with included hardware. This modular system looks like a display and scales like a tile.

Hey, I Know That Character

Little ones are drawn to recognizable and popular brands they see associated with their toys, movies and books. The more familiar the brand is to them, the better. Check out the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Display by Nouveau Eyewear. This easy-to-assemble, four-piece desktop or countertop display bursting with the four famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a half shell. This effective kids’ display has it all-prominent character artwork, bright colors and easy access to each frame.

Meaningful Merchandising

Try adding internal marketing materials that personalize your kids’ corner. Taking photos of kids wearing their new eyeglasses and creating a collage is a terrific way to reach out to both the child and the parent/guardian. It’s fun for everyone to look back in time as the child ages.

If you are carrying eyewear brands that kids can identify with, stock your space with stuffed animals and toys of the same characters. Frame vendors can also provide you with current point-of-purchase materials such as posters, displays and books that are relevant to kids and the brands they like. Seasonal themes such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, back to school, Thanksgiving and Christmas must be bright, colorful, kid-appropriate and most importantly, promote fun.

Jackie O’Keefe, LDO, is a writer, speaker, course preparer and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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