A key feature of Schneider’s Nano line is a remote
diagnostic system that enables technicians to dial into
the machine and perform any function remotely.
The Contour MAX generator and Unity MAX surface/finish blocker are among the Optek machines capable of accessing the internet via either Ethernet or USB ports.
Super Optical equips the computers that run its
FastGrind in-office lens surfacing machines with
remote log-in so technicians can fix problems remotely.

As an eyecare professional (ECP) with a retail lab, it is very important to ensure that your machines are efficiently up and running at all times. What happens when there is a malfunction and the manufacturer is a plane ride away, leaving you without a working machine for days? With advances in optical lab technology, some companies offer automated and/or remote maintenance features for certain machines that ECPs use in their retail labs. By eliminating in-person service calls and no longer having to wait, ECPs can now get their machines fixed and serviced right away by the manufacturer’s technicians with no long-term delay in production.

FastGrind in-office lens surfacing is an advanced technology from Super Optical International that is primarily run through software on a computer that the company provides for the ECP. When installing the software, Super Optical equips the computers with remote log-in that enables the FastGrind staff to access the device at any time in order to address issues customers may experience at their location. Any problems with FastGrind can be fixed remotely by the Super Optical staff, who can also teach ECPs how to resolve any issues that they might experience in the future themselves.

A built-in lens ordering form is also embedded in the software. After grinding, customers can click a button that adds those lenses to the form for easy reordering. The software also keeps track of frequently used tools and the grind rate so you know how much material your machine takes off a lens during a designated amount of time. This prevents lenses from coming out too thick or too thin. It also stores jobs if you need to come back later to see what a patient previously had or make additional pairs of lenses for them. By digitally storing patient information some additional paperwork can be eliminated.

With many of the machines from Optek International, including the Optek Contour MAX lens generator and the Optek Unity MAX lens surface/finish blocker, the ECP is able to access a secured high-speed internet connection using the machines’ built-in Ethernet ports. If a particular lab’s logistics require a Wi-Fi setup, Optek’s machines also have USB ports that can accommodate a USB Wi-Fi adapter. The equipment’s remote support features are able to provide technicians with access to every aspect of the machines’ software and operating systems, even when it is at the ECP’s remote location. Optek’s remote technicians can see everything that local users see on their screen, and the technicians can operate the machine’s controls as if they were there in person. The ECP will also receive a diagnostic report on demand by the local operator when necessary.

The HSC Nano Generator and the CCP Nano Polisher from Schneider Optical Machines offer a complete digital surfacing line for all lens types, including free-form progressives and all conventional styles. The Nano Line is designed to offer the same technical capability for the small lab that is used in the company’s larger machines, making it easy to process even sophisticated branded lens designs in-house with the touch of a few buttons. The Nano Line needs only a single operator and has space-saving features such as an on-board laser engraver to reduce the overall footprint and allow for a lab to be set up in a very small space. The latest technology even allows for the surfacing of prescriptions up to 18 diopters, an increase of 50% over other machines. This means you can keep more prescriptions in-house and even digitally surface the more difficult jobs.

A key feature of the Nano Line is the remote diagnostic and troubleshooting system. Schneider technicians are able to dial into the machine and perform any function remotely. The machine can transmit all kinds of data including maintenance requirements, error logs and troubleshooting information that allow Schneider’s technical team, in most cases, to resolve the issue and restore the machine to production without ever having to visit the lab. This can save time and, of course, money, while keeping the machine in production.

Maintenance Connection is software that is installed separately onto your machine of choice to provide alerts and schedule and track maintenance. Because it is sold completely separately from the machinery, Maintenance Connection is capable of working with any piece of equipment. Its dedicated communications between operations and maintenance staff allow for clear and accurate communication in regards to repairs and maintenances. Features of Maintenance Connection include work order tracking, asset management, preventive maintenance, inventory control, reporting, mobile, screenshots and security.

Maintenance Connection delivers quality Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS ) to many different industries throughout the world. Communication Maintenance and Asset Management Software (browser-based CMMS) is designed to help businesses manage the maintenance of their machines in a carefree manner, remotely connecting maintenance professionals to their operations.

By offering automated and/or remote maintenance, these technologies can improve the productivity of ECPs’ retail optical labs. Automated and/or remote maintenance features allow ECPs with a retail optical lab to ensure that there will be little delay in production if a machine malfunctions during production. Investing in a machine that can be repaired from a remote location is one way to guarantee a fast return on your investment and high profitability while taking as much stress as possible off operators, allowing them to focus instead on the quality of the lenses they produce.

Jaimee Palkovicz is marketing coordinator of i-see Optical Lab in Blackwood, NJ.

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