Vuarnet’s Cable Car Collection Pays Homage To Urban Transport

With a reintroduction last winter to the U.S. market, Vuarnet’s French roots remain firmly intact. Actor Vincent Cassell-well known for his performance in Black Swan and appearing this month in Jason Bourne– is the current face of the brand. This spring, Vuarnet launched its Cable Car collection, acknowledging and celebrating the ubiquitous brand’s international appeal.

General noteworthiness (and amazing food) aside, metropolises such as San Francisco, Hong Kong and Lisbon have one primary commonality: complex, iconic cable car systems. Vuarnet’s Cable Car collection, with its acetate frames, metal wire and double bridge design, serves as a tribute to these systems and others like them around the world.

Each of the four styles in the collection boasts fixed, five-barrel hinges and features the “V on a ski” insignia etched in metal at the ends of the temples. Square Large (VL1601) and Square Medium (VL1604) are each available in four colors, while Round (VL1602) and Pilot (VL1603) each come in six colors. Options include both matte and glossy finishes as well as solid, two-toned and mottled colors.

A production facility in Meaux, France, holds its position as the site for the creation of the company’s signature tinted mineral lenses, each of which take a full week to create. The small-scale production starts with carefully selected, mass-tinted raw materials, exclusive lens coatings and a 17-step process, all of which ensure the highest possible quality.

Eyecare professionals who carry the Cable Car collection receive a brand poster, brand reminder plaque and the option of either a large or small POP kit. Each kit includes a selection of counter images and branded trays.

Rachel Bozek is a freelance writer who includes the optical field as one of her areas of expertise


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