FITTING HEIGHTS MADE EASY Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd. has released its iFit Dispensing System™ (iFDS) which works with the iPad IV and iPad Mini tablets and is compatible with any lens product and design. It can assist in eyewear selection, lens education, and multifocal measurements.

iFDS can not only take position-of-wear measurements for lens designs but it can also assist eye-care professionals (ECPs) to help their patients select frames, lens materials, and lens treatments using either still photography or a five-second video. Patients can see themselves wearing up to four frames on the screen and then compare them.

Luzerne’s system, which was developed in collaboration with A.B.S. Inc., the makers of the Smart Mirror, allows both simulated and real-time demonstrations of lens options including: photochromics, polarization, anti-reflective (AR), and anti-fog treatments. Using the Smart Centration technology, the iFDS can also accurately measure fitting height and near and far PD.

According to the company, those ECPs who currently use the iFDS have experienced a 20% increase in premium lens sales. It comes with a cover and a camera designed specifically for the iPad IV and iPad Mini as well as a frame reference device to provide the lab with accurate fitting height measurements. Luzerne will offer a 100% rebate when ECPs place future free-form lens orders with an AR treatment. For more information, contact Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd. at 800-233-9637 or

A COMPLETE REDESIGN Augen Optics has launched a new website for its EasyForm® Digital Free-Form Processing System at The new design improves the site’s presentation, navigation, and content to allow quicker and easier access to product information and images.

The website features one-click access from the home page to information about EasyForm equipment, lens design software, and Augen free-form lenses. The site also includes specifications for each component of the EasyForm free-form production system — digital surfacing generator, blocker, polisher, laser engraver, and lens design software. In addition to publishing press releases, articles, and marketing materials, the site features a video showing the EasyForm system in action. For more information, contact Augen Optics at 866-284-3611 or

Bristol C&D, Inc. and Cadillac Lenses Worldwide have teamed up to launch the Life Series, a customized free-form progressive line of products made to fit any lifestyle, according to the company. The free-form Life Series mimics natural vision with three options that are 100% back-surface optimized aspheric designs: Daily Life, Office Life, and Active Life.

Cadillac’s Intuitive Calculation Software (ICS) allows for a unique lens design based on the wearers’ precise prescription. Adaptive Corridor Technology (ACT) from Cadillac offers free-form progressive fitting height ranges from 17mm to 23mm. The Cadillac Life Series of digital lenses are available in progressive or single vision: clear, polarized, and Transitions® IV, Select Lite 1.50, Superlite 1.67, performance polycarbonate (zero distortion), or Trivex® material with powers from -16.00D to +12.00D. There are also three treatment options: Cadillac HC, Top Coat AR, and Blue Shield AR. For more information, contact Bristol C&D, Inc. 877-255-1181 or at


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