Using patent-pending technologies – 3D-scan-based customization, an eyewear design app and a modular production system – 3DNA enables eyecare professionals to completely design their own frames. Using the 3DNA digital eyewear design and production system for optical retailers and labs, consumers receive a 3D face scan and collaborate with an optician to design their glasses. A 3D scan precisely measures a patient’s face, which allows for custom fit on temple length and behind-the-ear curvature, personalized nasal shapes and slope contours.

Using these measurements, which are automatically entered into the eyewear design app, ECPs and their patients can customize a complete pair of eyeglass frames. Materials, shape and fit are completely under the control of the user. Available materials include organic, carbon fiber and acetate. A variety of nosepads are available, and hinges include stainless steel torsion bar hinges with visible or hidden rivets.

The complete 3DNA retail experience is integrated into a standalone kiosk, which features the 3D scanner, the design app, product samples, LED illumination, storage drawers and a 32-inch touch screen computer.

3DNA Kiosk

“We believe we can transform the optical industry by unleashing individual creativity and empowering local craftsmanship,” said developer Dennis Zelazowski. “Due to the emergence of direct online merchants, the optical industry is under transformative pressure and a race to the bottom. Growing up inside the optical industry, I am aware of the threats being posed to traditional optical retail and have given great thought to how it can adapt and thrive. Within two to three years, 3D scanning sensors will be ubiquitous in mobile devices, which will lead to an increase in awareness and accessibility for our products. Our network of retailers and labs will lay the foundation to handle increased volume in the future with direct-to-consumer marketing.”

3DNA Eyewear


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