Cinzia’s CDA Bronze unisex chain features a 26-in. necklace and rubber temple tips.
The Vegetables Eyering from Corinne McCormack brings the colors of a garden right to a patient’s wardrobe.
Hilco’s Dualies Break-Away Holders include a safety release that separates for additional protection.
Ron’s Optical offers a real-jewelry experience with its dual teal set.

The right eyewear holder can raise a patient’s style quotient in a completely functional way.

While patients want-and expect- eyeglass chains and straps to be eye-catching, there is a practical side to these products that buyers require. Here are several holders that fit both bills.

Hilco has a variety of eyewear holders that are sure to come in handy. The company’s necklace danglers are beautiful pieces of jewelry as well. The Trista necklace dangler features gold-colored rings and lovely beads, and can be worn alone as a necklace or as a holder. A bottom ring is centered in the necklace so patients can keep their readers close at hand without missing a beat on the fashion front.

A ring or loop on a necklace works marvelously for keeping readers and sunglasses nearby. La LOOP makes high-end eyeglass holders for both women and men. The hinge employs patented technology to swivel, enabling it to remain flat while the eyeglasses stay securely in the loop. And with its locket monocles, La LOOP really raises the innovation bar. This product makes it possible for readers-wearers to leave their reading glasses home when out on a dinner date or in a high-level meeting. The necklace holds a locket that has a mirror on one side and a +2.50D magnifier on the other side. The wearer opens the locket to expose the reading lens housed inside, making it effortless to glance at a menu without fussing with eyeglasses. Each monocle has an Argentinean agate stone on the front, making it both unique and practical.

Corinne McCormack has created a line of distinctive and super-chic eyewear and accessories. Her Eyerings are great looking and hard-working pieces that look more like a beautiful pendant necklace than an eyeglass chain. The pendant is a stylish ring that holds readers when not in use. The Vegetables Eyering has a diamond-shaped ring and beads featuring vibrant, vegetable- inspired colors on the 18-in. chain, beautiful enough to be worn alone or as an eyeglass accessory. Simple yet elegant, the Teardrop Eyering touts a teardrop-shaped ring with a silver link 29-in. chain. And the Russian Diamond Bead chain has diamond-shaped faceted plastic beads along the 29-in. string. Finally the subtle Slinky Silver chain is a thin, stretchy silver chain.

Cinzia Designs offers lovely eyewear necklaces with rings as well as unique chains. The CDA Bronze unisex chain is comprised of black, bronze, and silver seed beads on the 26-in. necklace. The rubber temple tips are gentle on eyewear and hold eyeglasses securely. Ron’s Optical has several eyeglass holder and matching bracelet sets making it easy to accessorize at work or on the go. The dual teal set is a bright chain and bracelet with turquoise-colored cluster beads.

Another handy way to keep eyeglasses in place is the Reade REST magnetic eyewear holder. It looks like a pin that attaches to the shirt but it uses the power of magnets. The back plate goes behind a piece of clothing and the front piece goes on the outside of the clothing. The magnets automatically attach without poking holes in the clothing like a pin would. Users simply hang their sunglasses or readers on their ReadeREST. The ReaderREST comes in a variety of colors and styles, including a line with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Water sports and other outdoor activities can make wearing eyewear clumsy or difficult at times. Water sports are no exception and can bring challenges to keeping those high-end sunglasses safe and in place. Many of us have heard a story of someone losing an expensive pair of designer sunglasses as the eyewear fell to the bottom of a lake or river. Whether the wearer is boating, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, or enjoying other water sports, eyewear needs to be safe and secure.

Ron’s Optical offers brightly colored sport bands that attach to eyewear and fit across the back of the head. The SB-Float does just what it sounds like: It floats on water. If the eyewear falls into a lake or a pool, it will float to the surface, making it easy to grab.

Hilco carries float holders as well, which are offered in charming colors like orange and turquoise.

Kids Croakies are made with quality neoprene that’s washable and colorfast.

Patients involved in other outdoor activities can certainly benefit from eyewear holders. Hilco’s Leader sports holders are engineered to hold tightly onto eyewear. These multi-purpose eyewear retainers have a unique “œpatent pending” endpiece design that offers patients more wearing options, with less inventory for you. If your patient is playing a contact sport or tends to be rough on eyewear, Hilco’s Dualies Break-Away Holders might be just the ticket. This sports holder is equipped with a safety release that separates for additional protection.

Croakies eyewear holders were invented by a ski patrolman in the ’70s and are now sold throughout the U.S. and abroad. Croakies Terra System features sturdy climbing rope with different lengths and adjustments available, as well as seven interchangeable ends to fit most eyeglasses. Croakies Suiters are sure to be a fit for most wearers. The comfortable retainers come in three sizes: Micro Suiters, Suiters, and XL Suiters. The catchy prints include tie-dyed and artistic prints. The Croakies ARC™ family is a collection of technologically advanced retainers using lightweight and waterproof monofilament. The steel cable offers a low-profile retainer that comes in many colors, with six choices of ends. A float kit is available with four mini floating buoys that can be attached to the retainer to keep the eyewear afloat.

Eyewear holders are more than just a pretty accessory: they have a functional side that makes them much more essential than they’re often given credit for. Mention them to patients and you’ll be surprised at how many will want one-or more!

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.

Corinne McCormack
Cinzia Designs for Europa International
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