Discover great tips to run successful online marketing executed by practices that do it well. 

There are two primary goals of any web-based marketing program: Keep your brand name in front of current patients, and find, attract, and engage with new/potential patients. A number of online marketing tools will help maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and make it more affordable.

Hire a professional to design your website and incorporate key elements. Your website should be the “home base” and all marketing activities should have several links back to it. When you run a special event, have your webmaster design a landing page and link to it in your online marketing. As a result of viewers reading the piece and clicking back to the home base, your website becomes a “sales funnel.” Your website should also give visitors the opportunity to make an appointment or contact the practice via a contact form.

Small Investment, More Visitors McCormick Eye Center of Scottsdale, AZ, did a post on Facebook (promoted for $10) that included a link back to its website with a landing page about a new frame. By using Facebook’s tracking pixel, it was determined that this one post delivered nearly 2,000 additional visitors to their website in one week, with 30% of the visitors being new to the practice.


An effective, affordable online marketing technique is to send regular e-newsletters and email blasts to your patient database. Software tools such as or makes it easy to create professional-looking content that keeps your brand name in front of your existing database and helps cement your practice image and marketing message. Additionally, by including links back to the website, it maximizes the sales funnel.

e-Newsletter Power Sugar House Vision of Salt Lake City, UT, sent out this e-newsletter providing timely “image building” informational articles, announced its new website, and gave readers a chance to schedule an eye exam online. The practice not only got an open rate of more than 60%, but traffic to its website also increased 350% for the next week and Sugar House Vision got 12 eye exam appointments directly attributed to the e-newsletter.

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes lately and it has definitely become a pay-for-play platform. However, these changes will allow you to get your brand in front of a lot of people in your area for a minimal investment. It does take a bit of effort to learn how to use Facebook’s marketing tools, but the time is worth it. Learn how at .

Love Those Likes This highly targeted post from Village Eyecare of New York City reached more than 1,600, but more importantly, got 12 new page Likes, for only $5. Using techniques like this have earned them more than 2,400 page Likes (followers).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will get your website properties ranking high in keyword searches. This is basically free traffic to your website or other web properties! Unfortunately, too many ECPs are ignoring this critical marketing strategy component. Talk to your webmaster or hire a professional to help make sure your web properties are optimized for search engines. This includes:

• Making sure your website is designed to display well on mobile devices

• Setting up and managing a Google+ page

• Paying attention to online reviews; make sure you are identifying and managing them

• Getting free SEO reports on your website ( or

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