Adlens Sundials use unique technology that allows patients to correct their own vision.

Building on the success of its Adlens Adjustables™, Adlens’ has added another product to its popular line of adjustable focus eyewear: this time for sun use. Adlens Sundials™ look just high-tech enough to be as fashionable as the latest “wearable electronics” eyewear, and they use some unique technology, but wearers don’t have to be linked to a smartphone or the Internet to reap benefits. Instead, Adlens Sundials use Alvarez lens technology that doesn’t depend on liquid optics and is deceptively simple.

With this technology, each lens comprises two wave-shaped optical “plates” that move across each other in opposite directions when the dial is turned. This enables the patient to easily change the power of each lens from +3.00D to -6.00D. Adlens Adjustables and AdlensEmergensee™ also use this technology, and both are great alternatives as an “extra” pair or for emergencies.

Adlens Sundials work in almost the same way, but feature dark gray, dark green, or brown lenses (1.60 index), and are protected against both UVA & UVB light, filter category 4. Offered in a 49mm-22mm-141mm eyesize, Sundials come in 12 frame colors, feature unisex styling, and have adjustable nosepads.

There are so many uses for these adjustable focus sun lenses: sunbathing, golfing, boating, driving, reading on the beach, and any activity where an extra pair of sunglasses is handy.

Not every wearable, technologically advanced product has to be electronic. Adlens Sundials and other products from Adlens prove that point. Whatever their use, they make life a whole lot easier for those of us who depend on our eyewear.


• Quick and easy solution for lost eyeglasses
• Sun protection in an adjustable focus solution
• Correction from +3.00D up to -6.00D
• UVA/UVB resistant
• Great loaner pair until exact correction is available
• Perfect spare pair in the glove compartment or tackle box for emergency use

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.

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