Gargoyles Sun Rx collection features large wrap frames like Balance (shown here).

Sports-performance sunglasses are a surefire way to boost your bottom line.

It’s no secret that sports are incredibly important to many Americans. Many of us love to watch our favorite teams and athletes, and participate in athletic endeavors. Sports equipment and clothing manufacturers spend huge amounts of money each year to woo potential buyers. It’s the savvy eyecare professional (ECP) who knows how to tap into this market by looking to up their sports-performance sunwear sales. The following five strategies can help you accomplish this.

It’s hard to sell something that can’t be experienced so try to make the products real to your patients by using visual aids and modern technology to demonstrate the benefits of this sunwear. Many popular branded sports products that are familiar to you and your patients offer great extreme sports sunwear and have Web sites chock full of valuable information and demonstrations to help you sell the message of performance sports sunwear in your office.

Interactive and easy to navigate, is the site for Marchon

The CARRERA X-cede collection from Safilo combines the brand’s most popular vintage styles with a non-film polarization technology.

Eyewear’s Nike. Its “Lens Simulator” section enables users to select a potential lens material color based on their needs and view the effect of the lens under various weather and lighting conditions. The “Lens Technology” area of has a similar feature. Capitalize on these opportunities by creating a shortcut on your office computer to easily demonstrate the special features of specific brands to patients. It’s free and it’s a tremendously helpful and impressive presentation.

People like to know they are purchasing a product that professionals use and recommend. This seems to be especially true with sports-related products. Some patients will likely be fans of wearing something that their favorite athletes or champions wear or endorse. An easy way to

Costa 580 Prescription Sun lenses utilize patented technology to cut down on yellow light, allowing the eye to see more red, blue, and green.

communicate this is by displaying posters and countercards in your office, often available from the product supplier, so patients can easily see what you’re trying to tell them. You can also use manufacturer Web sites for this promotional information. Most top sports-performance brands have this kind of material available.

Having a professional athlete explain why she or he likes certain features can create that “aha” moment for your patients. Think about putting together a look book for each sports collection you offer. This piece can include images of athletes wearing the products with comments on what they like about the features of each selection they wear and why they chose it.

One of Maui Jim Inc.’s Ambassadors, Andy Mill, is a U.S. Ski Team racer, two-time Olympian, and noted tarpon fisherman. Mill wears Maui Jim’s

Arnette strives to provide authentic value-driven sunwear to the market for those aged 15 to 25 (Heavy Hitter shown here).

Ironwood, Honolulu, Fleming Beach, Canoe, and Grander. Presenting information and images pertaining to athletes is a great way to share sport-specific sunglasses information with them.

Wiley X has a host of athletes using its products to promote their super stylish and highly protective sports-performance sunwear. One of the areas the company focuses on is NASCAR, where it sponsors an impressive lineup of drivers including Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, and Carl Edwards, among others.

Performance sunwear is a great example of how advances in lens technology allow you to offer great solutions for sport-enthusiast patients. Revo Authentic prescription sun lenses utilize state-of-the-art digital technology to design and build custom single vision and progressive lenses. When integrated with Revo frames featuring its patented Motion-Fit design, these premium lenses improve the range and clarity of vision.

LENSES WITH BENEFITS Thanks to the advances in lens design and technology, it’s now possible to offer your prescription patients the same lens designs they wear in their clear eyewear in a number of sports-performance materials and lens options. This allows patients to easily transition between their sports-performance sunwear and their everyday eyewear with little or no adaptation issues.

According to Costa, yellow light is the enemy on the water and on land. Costa 580 Prescription Sun lenses use patented technology to cut down on yellow light, allowing the eye to see more red, blue, and green. Costa boasts that it is the most advanced glare beating polarized sun lens available. You’ll find Costa 580 Prescription sun lenses available in Trivex® material as well as glass.

Buyers love it when function marries fashion. Now your performance-minded patients don’t have to settle for sunwear that looks like a piece of sports equipment. They can enjoy the best of both worlds with CARRERA’s Rx-ready X-cede sunglass collection from Safilo USA. Unlike standard polarized lens products, CARRERA X-cede uses a breakthrough non-film polarization technology, powered by NXT® (a Trivex-based sun lens material). It provides a molecular bond to the lens that fuses polarization and color enhancement together, offering edge-to-edge polarization that will not delaminate, peel, or fade.
Combined with the distinctive and fashionable frame styling of CARRERA’s most popular vintage styles, this eyewear is bound to fill the void in the marketplace for consumers seeking trendy sunwear that offers advanced performance features.

One of an ECP’s biggest opportunities to promote performance sun-wear is with young adults. These patients are often into skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, dirt biking, and rock climbing. Extreme sports beg for appropriate sunwear with a fresh vibe.

Arnette, a youth-inspired, lifestyle-driven sunwear collection has its heritage deeply rooted in the action sports world. With pro athletes from the surf, skate, snow, and BMX communities behind it, Arnette strives to provide authentic value-driven sunwear to the market for those aged 15 to 25. It does this with styles like Heavy Hitter, High Beam, and Fire Drill.
Gargoyles Performance Polarized Sun Rx leads the charge in optical protection with a new corrective wrap lens. This comprehensive solution delivers outstanding optics and an expansive distance-viewing zone for large wrap performance frames in the Gargoyles Sun Rx collection like Balance, Shakedown, and Fabricator.

Sunwear is an excellent way to add increased revenue to your office, and performance sunwear is the jewel in the crown of sunwear. Offer it to all your patients who have active lifestyles and watch your sales grow.

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