Avalon’s Le Grand collection offers frames in trendy acetate such as Style No. 3708 Olympian.
LARGE LENSES TOO Free-form-designed and -processed lenses are highly recommended for patients requiring big frame sizes. This is important for a few reasons. Free-form lenses have larger optical zones since the lenses are bigger. They also provide wider fields of view with less peripheral distortion that patients wearing larger frames need. Don’t forget to measure mono PDs, vertex distance, frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt, and optical center (OC) height for these patients in order to provide the most accurate powers for premium free-form progressive lenses.
The Rainey’s Group Femie collection gives the plus-sized woman a real choice (Las Vegas shown here).
One of Fatheadz’ chic ophthalmic styles for women, Prato utilizes tasteful colors and accents.
Very fashionable styles like the Navigator with eyesizes up to 60mm give XXL from A&A a sophisticated look.

Today’s plentiful offerings in larger-sized eyewear are not only functional but fashionable too.

We’ve all heard the joking remarks-melon head, pumpkin head, fat head, and so forth. Since I happen to be one of them, let me be the first to remind everyone that bigger brains require bigger skulls. Joking aside, eyeglass wearers with larger heads present a unique problem when selecting eyewear that fits properly. Over the last 10 years or so, eyeglass frames have gotten so small that people like me have struggled to find a suitable fit. With the emergence of several new offerings, however, those of us with larger heads are now able to make fashionable eyewear choices.

First up is a company that attacks this problem “head on.” Fatheadz is an eyewear manufacturer whose forte is selling extra-large eyewear. The company’s CEO was frustrated by the lack of choices in large-size eyeglasses and used this motivation to launch Fatheadz. It offers a full line of styles for both women and men in Rxable ophthalmic frames, sunglasses, and custom-made readers. Men’s D Fens frame is a nice flatwire semi-rimless design that has a 64mm eyesize with a 19mm bridge which measures a whopping 156mm total width (including the hinge blocks). That’s nearly 6 1/8 in. from temple to temple.

Prato is a beautiful women’s full-rimmed flatwire that has an eyesize of 60mm and a bridge of 18mm; the total frame width is 143mm (5.63 in). These fashionable ophthalmic styles utilize tasteful colors and accents too. If you are looking for super sporty sunglasses with a high wrap, check out the Warp XL (76mm eye, 16mm bridge; total width 152mm-6 in.). This semi-rimless sun style has about an 8.00D-base wrap. Finally, Fatheadz offers F Bomb goggles, which are large ski /motorcycle goggles.

The Argyleculture collection from The McGee Group features several fashion-forward styles to fit larger men. As its name implies, this collection has a swagger that fits neatly into the young urban professional’s taste for style. With eyesizes ranging from 53mm to 60mm, your male patients with a larger head and looking for this genre will find exceptionally crafted, stylish acetate and metal frames. Take Morrissey, for example. It comes with an eyesize of 57mm and a bridge size of 19mm. This acetate classic fits the larger CEO who is looking for a frame that will match his Oxford shoes and Rolex watch. Though larger, this frame doesn’t shout “BIG”-it simply fits the man with a larger head properly.

A more conservative metal semi-rimless is Martin which comes in two colors and an eyesize of 56mm. Tasteful metal fronts are complemented by horn acetate temples, creating a professional look. Living up to its Argyleculture roots is Simon that features a 57mm-17mm full metal front in a modernized wayfarer and temples with an embossed argyle embellishment.

Just the name Le Grand lets ECPs and patients know that this line of frames from Avalon Eyewear is for the plus-sized man. Eyesizes for these traditionally styled frames range from 56mm to 60+mm. Acetate and semi-rimless styles give eyewear buyers choices, which is something those with larger heads have lacked for many years. These frames meet the needs of the patient who is looking for current styling that is usually found only in smaller eye- and bridge sizes.

Though Avalon Eyewear has a full line of ophthalmic frames of all sizes, with Le Grand it has made a respectable effort to fill the big man market while keeping the price point down. I am partial to three of their models: Style Nos. 3708 Olympian, 3701 Atlas, and 3709 Optimus. These two acetate and one semi-rimless frames have the potential of disappearing from your frame boards quickly as patients discover them.

Cerella Rainey, OD, founder of Rainey Group, Inc., made it her mission to use her vision care knowledge and sense of feminine style to create a line of high-fashion eyewear exclusively for women. Introduced this year at Vision Expo East, the Femie collection of ophthalmic eyeglass frames give the plus-sized woman a real choice. Lustrous cellulose acetate is used to create that perfect fit for wider browlines and pupillary distances. Though high style dominates this line, the frames were created to provide comfort and durability at an affordable price. Living up to their big city glamour image, the styles are named after major metropolitan cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. Classy and comfortable, what could be better for plus-sized women who want to see and be seen?

Sometimes your shop just needs a good bread-and-butter line that will fit the large patient. A&A Optical has just the ticket for this niche. The line’s name, XXL, pretty much sums up what this collection within the A&A family of eyewear was made for. The men’s styles in the XXL collection will give big men a choice among acetate, full-rimmed metal (even titanium), semi-rimless, and three-piece rimless designs. Very fashion able styles like the Gator semi-rimless and the Navigator full-rimmed frames with eyesizes up to 60mm give XXL a sophisticated look while traditional aviator models such as the Senator and Wolverine help you fit the blue collar crowd.

Another nice feature is that you aren’t locked into just the jumbo sizes. Most styles have two or three eyesizes to choose from as well as two or three colors. While the frames are priced to easily fit within most insurance plan frame allowances, they are of excellent quality.

Taking a different tack than the other companies mentioned above, ClearVision Optical’s XLFit features specific styles for men with larger features in some of its existing collections. In addition to larger eyesizes, these frames have wider bridges, longer temples, extra-strength spring hinges, and extended endpieces which maximize comfort for wearers. XLFit frames are available in the following brands: Cole Haan, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, IZOD, and ClearVision Collection.

Fitting women and men with larger heads has become a lot easier these days due to some insightful eyewear suppliers who see the big picture…if you’ll forgive the pun.

Michael Frandsen is the owner of Quality Performance Ophthalmic, Inc., a custom service optical laboratory in South Jordan, UT.


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