Essilor Instruments’ refurbished Kappa M10 and M15 systems keep expenses down and turnaround time up.

Completely refurbished by Essilor Instruments in France where they were manufactured, the pre-owned Kappa M10 and M15 systems are factory-certified to meet the quality assurance of all Essilor edging systems. These come with a one-year warranty covering parts, labor, and travel. ECPs can have the reliability and accuracy of a new edging system at a more moderate cost. In addition, if an ECP is in the need of a second system or needs to repair or replace an older system, this offers a great alternative to upgrade without the expense of purchasing new.

Back story
The Kappa M10 has the capability of edging, grooving, safety beveling, and edge polishing all plastic type lens materials (CR-39′, polycarbonate, high-index, and Trivex’ material). The Kappa M15 has the added capability of drilling holes, notches, and slots. It automatically drills perpendicular to the front surface and can drill multiple holes, notches, and slots on a single lens. The system can trace and edge a shape as small as 18mm, and it is available with a parallax-free electric blocker or an automated centering technology blocker.

WOW Factor
With these systems, ECPs can edge in-house for a lot less than sending their work to a lab, and see a return on investment instantly. Other added benefits are faster turnaround time, control over the quality and service, and that patients don’t have to give up their frames when ordering only new lenses.

Essilor Instruments 855-EZ-FINISH


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