NuPolar Gradient lenses combine prescription polarized sunwear with fashionable looks. 

For wearers who love the look of Rx gradient sun lenses but can’t get them polarized in a traditional way at the lab, there’s NuPolar Gradient from Younger Optics. For decades, patients have been disappointed when told polarized prescription sunwear couldn’t include gradient color treatments. Now, with NuPolar Gradient lenses, Rx sun lens wearers can have fashionable, gradient polarized lenses done right.


In the past, patients often had to choose between stylish gradient lenses and polarized lenses. In order to have both, the lab had to add a gradient tint to a lightly colored polarized lens. This solution was less than ideal, as the lens often had a longer turnaround time, used a low-efficiency polarizer (allowing more glare to reach the eye), and the gradient faded over time. Also, heating laminated lenses invited the lens “sandwich” to separate. NuPolar Gradient lenses solve these problems with encapsulated, high-efficiency polarizing and gradient color films, allowing for a high-fashion, high-function sun lens that has it both ways.


NuPolar Gradient lenses employ a pre-dyed, colored, polarized film that’s embedded inside a lens as it’s cast. This protects the film from the elements so it won’t fade or lose its efficiency over time. It also allows for a faster turnaround from the lab. In addition, since NuPolar Gradient lenses aren’t tinted, they always provide a perfect color match. The entire lens, in both its darker and lighter areas, has a polarization coefficient of greater than or equal to 97%. This helps NuPolar Gradient lenses efficiently block the harsh, blinding glare reflecting off of water, snow, vehicles, etc. The distance portion of the lenses is approximately 90% sunglass dark, with the lower portion approximately 65% dark. The lenses block approximately 80% of 380-500nm wavelength blue light and 100% of UVA and UVB light.


NuPolar Gradient lenses are available in gradient gray or gradient brown color. Gradient gray provides a natural view of the world and is recommended for bright, cloudless days. Gradient brown is better suited for overcast skies and for those who want more color contrast.


NuPolar Gradient lenses are made from strong, lightweight polycarbonate material and come in base curves of 4.00D, 6.00D, and 8.00D. Prescriptions are available in both single vision (from +6.00D to -5.00D) and digitally manufactured free-form progressive designs. Thanks to Younger’s patented technology, patients can now have polarized Rx sunwear with a gradient tint.

Jackie O’Keefe is a writer, speaker, course preparer, and consultant in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


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