OMS Opto Chemicals’ Zero-Fog is long-lasting and works on all surfaces, from CR-39 to the highest indices.

Managing lens fog is possible—even easy—with the right products.

No matter where they live, there is one thing eyeglass wearers can be certain of experiencing at least once in a while: lens fogging. It happens to everyone! What if they never had to worry about their eyewear fogging up again?

There are many fine anti-fog products available in lab and consumer-applied versions. This little-known facet of our industry is underused and as a result, it’s widely undermarketed and, as a result, undersold.

Do you have any schools, skating rinks, swimming clubs, bicyclist groups, motorcycle riding groups, ski clubs, or paintball clubs in your area? These groups have at least one common concern—the possibility of fogged-up lenses, helmets, and goggles. It’s up to eyecare professionals (ECPs) to let consumers know about the true array of anti-fogging products available.

Patients who live in humid areas have an abundant amount of lens fogging when they enter or exit any building or get out of their cars, and into the heat. And regardless of geographic location, swimmers and other water athletes deal with fogging issues all the time. Marketing anti-fog products can make a difference—not only to your business, but also to your patients’ lives.

Nanofilm’s Defog It anti-fog cloths
were originally used for military purposes and are now available to the population at large as a concentrated liquid or as reusable cloths.

All swimmers have special needs when it comes to lens fogging and Stormin’ Norman’s No Fog Spray works well on swimming goggles, as well as all types of surfaces that are prone to fogging. No Fog Spray works on your patients’ bathroom windows and mirrors as well! The product is available in 2-oz. liquid spray bottles that can be purchased in single bottles or customized with any logo and put into kits.

Try grabbing your patients’ attention by tilting a small umbrella onto one side of a display and putting a few bottles of Stormin’ Norman’s No Fog Spray into the bottom, along with a few frames. You can also place a bottle nestled into a diving mask or next to a beach ball and sand pail. If you have a display window, try hanging a few bottles from the ceiling, giving the illusion that it’s raining “Anti-Fog.”

If you live in the colder northern areas, you know the unique fogging that only comes in the northern tier. With all of the outdoor winter sports from skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and more, you can really have a lot of fun promoting Zero-Fog from OMS Opto Chemicals. Zero-Fog is an anti-static based anti-fog system that works on all lens surfaces, from CR-39® to the highest indices, and it will last for many months before patients need to retreat their lenses.

Try putting a few bottles of Zero-Fog next to a ski or snowmobile helmet. Do you have an old sled in your garage? Give it a dusting off and put some mittens, a scarf, and a bottle of Zero-Fog on it. This product works beautifully on full-face shielded helmets for skiers as well as motorcyclists. Zero-Fog is safe to apply daily if needed, however it rarely needs to be. You’ll find it available in a spray as well as a cream form, and comes in a convenient countertop display. Zero-Fog is compatible with all anti-reflective (AR) treated lenses.

COMING OUT OF THE FOG Essilor of America, Inc.’s new OptifogTM utilizes Optifog Technology, which is a combination of the Optifog topcoat and the Optifog Activator. The Optifog topcoat is applied to Crizal UVTM or TD2® lenses in the lab, and the product works through the combination of the Optifog topcoat and the Optifog Activator, which should be applied weekly, under normal conditions, by the patient. With 75% of all eyeglass wearers interested in keeping their lenses fog-free, this is a “must-have” product for eyecare professionals.

Paintballers have several specific needs in this arena. Beyond the need for safety glasses, they work up a sweat going in and out of buildings and their lenses fog up much more rapidly than they do in some other sports. Try IC No-Fog™, applied directly onto the lens at the lab from iCoat. This convenient and effective anti-fog product works with all lens materials and treatments like iCoat’s AR and mirror coatings.

The iCoat’s IC No-Fog works with all lens materials and treatments.

If you have a refrigerator in your office, you can have some fun with IC No-Fog. Get one IC No-Fog treated lens from iCoat and keep it in your freezer along with an untreated lens. When demonstrating anti-fog properties of IC No-Fog, remove both lenses from the freezer and let nature take its course. Nothing beats seeing firsthand how well this product works. If your patient wants further proof, have them pick up the lens themselves and do the good old-fashioned “breath” test. IC No-Fog also has a refresh rejuvenator solution to maintain the fog-free properties for life of the Rx.

Having grown up in the cold climate of Minnesota, I remember coming inside and always having to remove my fogged eyeglasses—I couldn’t function until I cleaned them! To assist folks who find themselves in this situation these days, Hilco has developed FogBuster, a single-use towelette system developed for anti-fog use.

FogBuster comes in a towelette package, so try putting a package next to a pair of sport frames or tuck one into one of the air vents of a safety helmet. Place some of the packs all around the store, even in the exam room. (This product is not recommended for AR or mirror-coated lenses.)

It’s also quite easy to incorporate Nanofilm’s Defog It anti-fog cloths into any of these displays. This high-performance fog-prevention product was originally used for military purposes and is now available to the population at large. It’s available as a concentrated liquid or as reusable cloths and is effective in conditions of heat, humidity, cold, changing temperature, and exertion. Defog It has been formulated to stop fog on all lens types, including AR.

By getting a little creative, you can draw attention to one of the most beneficial products the industry has. The more you educate your patients, the more they will keep coming back.

Kat Leek-Tedeschi is the owner of Kat’s Eyes Optical in Phoenix, AZ.


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