It’s impossible to talk about titanium eyewear without discussing Seiko. With a tagline of ‘eyewear that performs,’ Seiko prides itself on producing top-performing eyewear products for its global market since 1989. The frames are all made from pure titanium, beta titanium, or Seiko Super Titanium—a lightweight and durable blend consisting of titanium, vanadium, and aluminum.

Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc.’s newest release is the Flex Action Series. It’s available in six new styles, each offered in three colors; all are made from beta titanium except for the bridges which are constructed of pure titanium. The collection is inspired by Seiko’s successful watchband designs. For example, the temples on each piece feature a unique wire-cut pattern that divides the temple into flexible segments. All styles are hingeless to ensure a comfortable fit and remarkable durability.

The collection comprises four women’s models and two men’s frames. Men’s offerings include T1074 and T1075 and come in colors that include coconut brown and black matte. The artistry of the temple designs is an instant eye-catcher with details of a man’s watchband. T1074 uses a full-rimmed configuration while T1075 is a semi-rimless. Both selections employ a large rectangular shape while offering superior function, durability, sturdiness, and comfort.

Women’s styles boast a more feminine clasp-band appearance to the watchband temple look. T3095 and T3070 are full-rimmed selections while T3071 and T3094 are chord-mounted semi-rimless models. The quiet artistry of the temple designs gives a simple elegance to each piece while the beta-titanium material keeps these frames comfortable. Colors range from pink rose to pure violet to mirror gun gray.

Thinking titanium when wondering what to add to your frame boards? Think about Seiko eyewear.

Jill J Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeastern Nebraska.


Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. 800.235.5367 // seikoeyewear.com



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