Proenza Schouler Style No. PS5035 from L’Amy is a retro-inspired mountain-style sunglass with leather accents.
Eyewear inventory is not what it used to be because consumers have developed a fascination with brands, especially designer brands. Decades ago, you could have stocked any frame brand in your office and sold it, but today, consumers are much more brand aware and much more demanding, especially with designer branded products. You might say they’ve fallen in love with them…and you’d be right. What’s causing this allure with designer eyewear brands?

Lifestyle identity is one of the strongest reasons consumers gravitate toward a particular brand. Successful designers incorporate their core brand values into their products. These core values define the brand to consumers and how they identify with a particular designer.
Hand in hand with brand identity is the reflection of status that a designer brand projects. Brand logos and easily identifiable imagery and patterns on designer goods send a message of higher financial status.

People are also attracted to designer brands because historically these products have an implied level of inherent quality. Many designer goods are either handmade or manufactured at a much higher level of quality than mass-produced mainstream goods.

Because of the quality and materials used in designer brands, people believe that purchasing designer brands provides them with a good value for their money. Value for them means quality, beauty, durability, and longevity of the product, not the lowest price.

Designer branded eyewear is also where the consumer looks first for trend innovation in style and fabrication. New directions in fashion and technology are often expressed in designer collections. Novel shape and size directions, materials, and color and surface treatments define cutting-edge innovations.

According to Coco Chanel, the founder of the Chanel brand, fashion fades but style remains. This could not be truer when it comes to Chanel eyewear from Luxottica with its history of bringing simple yet elegant style to the world of eyewear. Chanel eyewear is designed with the credo that less is more. Think minimalist chic, as in the feminine Style No. CH 3223Q from the Prestige Eyewear collection. This gorgeous cat-eye acetate features lambskin leather chain detail on the metal temples.

One of the most famous brands in the world, Safilo USA’s Gucci is surely one of the most renowned in the eyewear market. The collection offers a range of models that combine style and sophistication, all characterized by Gucci’s unmistakable iconic elements. The latest men’s frame, Style No. GG1005, is a contemporary square model with pronounced acetate outlining, featuring flex hinges housed inside a metal plaque with a finish that recalls the Gucci web icon.

Safilo’s Gucci collection offers frames that combine style and sophistication, all characterized by the brand’s unmistakable iconic elements (Style No.GG1005). Michael Kors eyewear from Marchon is designed for anyone who embraces high fashion while demanding quality (Style No.MK686). Luxottica’s Chanel eyewear is minimalist chic, as in the feminine Style No. CH 3223Q from the Prestige Eyewear Collection.

Marchon Eyewear’s Michael Kors collection is the pinnacle of modern American luxury. Its sleek sexy designs complement a sophisticated lifestyle. The eyewear is designed for anyone who embraces high fashion while demanding quality. Style No. MK686 is a clean black zyl with design details that combine the everyday with the luxurious.

With 100 years of experience in luxury clothing and accessories for women and men, Tru Trussardi stands for a new lifestyle, for discreet sophistication, experimentation, and innovation. The brand’s restrained elegance and attention to detail are evident in Charmant USA’s commitment to follow the same values of refinement and distinction in the selection of materials and finish details in the eyewear collection. Style No. TR12725 is a rounded retro frame with a classic tortoiseshell front enhanced with a metal bridge and temples featuring subtle Tru Trussardi branding, resulting in a warm masculine style.

Founded in 1989, BCBGMAXAZRIA combines European sophistication with an American spirit. ClearVision Optical’s BCBGMAXAZRIA eyewear reflects the same style and attitude as are found in its clothing and other accessories. Featuring dramatic colors and creative, natural textures, BCBGMAXAZRIA ophthalmics are chic, stunning, and on-trend. From faceted and textured metals to bold, rich acetates, the easy-to-wear designs emit a vibrant, youthful sophistication that’s sure to get noticed. A youthful Wayfarer style with a custom double-laminate design, Georgina features bi-level cuttings along the browline and temples.

For over 50 years, Bill Blass designs have been at the forefront of American fashion—elegant, simple, impeccably tailored, and eminently wearable. The name Bill Blass epitomizes timeless style and modern American design. Bill Blass and his designs have won countless fashion awards and the list of clients reads like a Who’s Who of the late 20th century. Bill Blass Eyewear (Eyewear Designs) continues to redefine its classic American design aesthetic while incorporating new manufacturing techniques and materials. The collection is designed to be of superior quality while offering a significant value to the consumer. Style No. BB 978 is a sleek classic men’s rectangular semi-rimless with subtle temple detailing.

A fashion powerhouse, Vera Wang is responsible for taking the wedding gown industry from an outdated busy look to clean, crisp, and flattering. There is something timeless about all that Vera Wang does. Her wedding gowns are modern and chic, her china is classic and elegant, and her home decor is clean and modern with just a hint of tradition. Vera Wang Eyewear (Kenmark Group) incorporates these design aesthetics in feminine eye- and sunwear. Garland is a semi-rimless rectangular frame with a spray of floral detail on the temples.

L’Amy America’s Proenza Schouler’s design philosophy takes its cue from the concept of contrasts of ideas rooted in classicism that, when juxtaposed with new and interesting materials, create a unique look. Tortoiseshell and brushed metals coexist in one style while exposed hinges and resin pair in another. The classic shapes bring to mind vintage eyewear but the absolute focus on details and materials makes it a product of today. An example of this is Style No. PS5035, a retro-inspired mountain-style sunglass with leather accents.

What defines TAG Heuer (Premiere Vision) cutting-edge eyewear is a powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, and ergonomic engineering, all resulting in eyewear that is unrivaled in performance and patented innovation. The seamless aesthetic of the frame’s invisible hinges and straight elastomer temples is based on concrete wearability. Reflex Rimless Style No. 3741 is an icon of personalized comfort and perfect fit. Beta titanium makes the Reflex collection exceptionally light and strong.

The designer Roberto Cavalli concentrated his studies on the link between art, fashion, and painting. Roberto Cavalli eyewear (Marcolin USA) exemplifies the superb crafting of Florentine jewelry together with sophisticated designs. With its braided temples and frames in hues of rose gold, endure gold, and platinum, Style No. RC558 is a clear expression of this.

Choosing a brand mix has become an important part of frame inventory management. With consumers’ increasing awareness of designer eyewear brands and their seemingly insatiable appetite for them, knowing what’s available and the brand story behind them has become an important part of dispensary practice.

Roxanne Armstrong is a licensed optician and owner of Art For Your Face in McLean, VA.


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