Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been altering and improving its algorithms in an attempt to increase user engagement and interaction. For an individual user, this boils down to personal biases, friends and family and personal interests.

As a business with a Facebook page, your goal, of course, is to rank high organically on a fan’s news feed without the help of paid ads. Here are a few ways you can use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage:

1. Ask for Interaction. Like it or not, most of your popularity on Facebook will come from your fans sharing the content you post and not so much the interaction on the post itself. This doesn’t mean your actual posts won’t get much interaction, but it does mean that you should be intentional about encouraging fans to engage. Suggest that fans click to receive notifications after they’ve liked your page, conclude headlines with open-ended questions and calls-to-action, and consistently remind them to like, comment on and share your posts and page. Providing fan-exclusive contests and promotions is another fun way to increase interaction on your page.

2. Stay Fan-Friendly. Fans like your page to get something from you. Whether that is location and hours, business updates or information relating to your specialty, they are following you for information, and it’s pertinent that you stay relevant. For example, if you’re an optometrist, it may be a good idea to post and share a link about eye allergies in the spring. This will be applicable-and sharable-information for your fans. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action (“visit us and get allergy relief”) to encourage your fans to engage, which will also help boost your page’s popularity.

3. Bring it Full Circle. In addition to your Facebook page, do you also have a website? Blog? Other social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+? Promoting these boosts credibility and will alert fans that you have a lot of different outlets from which they can collect informative content. With any of your social media resources, keep in mind that you need to stay consistent; the more routine, dependable and interactive your posts are, the less likely they’ll become the victims of time decay.

Don’t be intimidated by how a Facebook page or its posts work. Remember, this social media outlet is a place where people connect and discover. Creating content with your audience in mind will help you to provide posts that are going to fit the bill and ultimately get you noticed.

Samantha Toth is the resident marketing rockstar for Innexus by Innereactive Media, specializing in websites, social media and marketing for the eyecare industry. Learn more at GetInnexus.com.


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