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These days, the current trends run the gamut from bold colors to prints and textures. Since it can be difficult to find a single frame to match every trend, interchangeable parts provide the fashion freedom to customize eyewear to coordinate with clothing. Moreover, athletes and weekend warriors require options to adjust to changing weather or training conditions. Many of the interchangeable frames on the market today account for those needs while also adding a little stylistic flair to that hard-earned playtime.

In addition to the usual high requirements of meeting ANSI Z87.1 safety standards, the Wiley X Changeable Series provides the right kind of lighting for specific activities. Two of the newest styles-WX Rogue and WX Valor-are versatile and allow for an Rx insert. Rob Maser, commercial sales director, described the different lens options: “The smoke lens is best for bright conditions, while the light rust is good to enhance contrast in low to extremely low light conditions. The clear is good for indoors or at night, and the vermillion sharpens contrast and brightens targets for shooters.”

Patients wearing Rx sunglasses often have to carry two pairs, one for the days they’re wearing glasses and one for the days they wear contacts. The new Leader Rx sunglasses from Hilco can be worn with an Rx or they can easily be converted into a plano polarized version. According to Debbie Fitzgibbons, director of marketing communications, “It is the perfect solution for patients with higher Rx’s or who are looking for economical sunwear.”

Tifosi Optics offers the Lens Interchange collection, which comes with three lenses for varying light conditions. Each package includes a gray, brown or clarion mirror lens for sun, a contrast-enhancing AC (all conditions) red lens and a clear lens.

Rydon, the newest interchangeable frame from Rudy Project, is almost entirely customizable. The lenses, nosepiece, temples and temple tips can all be changed based on patient preference. “Athletes can change the color scheme to match their gear, and they can have multiple different color lenses to tackle any weather condition,” said Sara Riding, a sales rep for the company.

Interchangeable temples are a great way to add personality to any look. The Izod interchangeable collection from ClearVision Optical lets wearers change the temple color with a unique, patent pending interlocking system with a simple click, according to Jennifer O’Connor, brand manager. One complete frame provides three different looks.

The French-based company Dilem, which is distributed by L’Unique Optique in the U.S., exemplifies the concept of wearer-selected customized options with a colorful collection of 900 temples and 500 fronts. At purchase, patients choose one front and two sets of temples; extra temples can be purchased a la carte.

Quick and easy transitions are also the name of the game for Tifosi Optics’ Swivelink collection, which has the tagline “swivel, switch and repeat.” Jorge Verdin, director of marketing, said the Swivelink frame “is extremely easy to Rx and with the sport and lifestyle arms can be used for everyday use and heavy sport.”

Magnets drive the technology behind Switch, an interchangeable lens style from Liberty Sport. Switch offers the convenience of one frame with multiple lenses, allowing patients to swap in plano lenses or Rx solutions. “Switch magnetic interchangeable lens technology and frames are a very sophisticated sale for the serious lifestyle athlete. This is true gear for an athlete or active adult who has limited space but needs the proper equipment for various light conditions and Rx solutions,” said Laub.

For everyday ophthalmics, the Italian-made Frameri collection, newly acquired by HOYA Vision Care, allows for interchanging frames and lenses. The lenses pop out easily from the frame and can be inserted into another one.

One of the best ways for eyecare providers to market interchangeable frames is by offering a variety of options. For Izod, O’Connor suggested that “a special countertop display showcasing all four available front shapes (in two sizes each) and the eight vibrant colored temples (in solids and colored tortoise), helps ECPs promote this product in a small footprint in their stores.”

To market Wiley X frames, Maser described them “as getting multiple pairs of glasses with one purchase,” especially for ” bike riders, on-the-job safety, shooters, hunters and anyone wanting a versatile sunglass or safety glass.” Tifosi Optics shares that sentiment. Verdin explained that the best way to market interchangeables to patients is to remind them “that you no longer need multiple frames for different activities or changing light conditions.” Laube of Liberty Sport suggests a simple demonstration of the product to allow the technology to speak for itself.

Kaitlyn Robertson has been writing for more than a decade with eight years spent covering the optical industry.


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