Inspired by the designer’s ready-to-wear collection, Zac Posen Eyewear marks its launch with 12 ophthalmics and three suns for women as well as 12 ophthalmics and three sunglasses for men. The women’s styles boast feminine eyeshapes and dramatic lines, while the men’s models draw from the look of golden-era Hollywood. Styles include Eastwood and Gent. For more information, contact Kenmark Optical at 800-627-2898 or kenmarkoptical.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16031.


SILHOUETTE DOES THE TWIST. Rimless, light, and sophisticated, Silhouette’s LITE-Twist collection includes eight styles. This line features a range of lens shapes, from narrow progressives to classic shapes, and temple color options. The basis for the LITE-Twist design is a weave technology wherein the thin decorative element is wrapped around the SPX+ cylinder of the screwless snap hinge and then threaded through a fine opening on the outer edge of the temple. Style No. 4419 is shown here in red/merlot/blue. For more information, contact Silhouette Optical, Ltd. at 800-223-0180 or silhouette.com. VUARNET SAYS BONJOUR. The return of Vuarnet sunglasses to the U.S. market includes a range of styles, from cat-eye shapes to metal aviators to clip-ons, and more. The mineral lenses used for every style offer 100% UV protection. Mirrored lens options include Skilynx, Polarlynx, and Citylynx, all of which are water and oil resistant, anti-fog, and offer internal anti-reflection. For more information, contact Vuarnet at 914-495-3701 or vuarnet.com, or at Vision Expo West, The Suites, #36117. ASPEX HAS A RELEASE PARTY. Three new releases give wearers a range of options within the Aspex universe. Takumi Style No. TK962 is a full-rimmed plastic frame for women, available in marbled brown and cream, marbled pink and pink, and marbled blue and light blue. Manhattan Design Studio’s Style No. S3298 has a stainless steel frame front with plastic temples, available in satin chocolate/dark brown, satin dark red, and satin violet/purple. On the men’s front, EasyClip‘s Style No. EC334 (shown here) offers a removable magnetic sun clip-on with polarized lenses. Colorways include tortoise and dark gray/black, tortoise gray and silver/blue, and tortoise green and black/black. All three styles have spring hinges. For more information, contact Aspex Eyewear at 800-277-3979 or aspexeyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #19043.
DE RIGO RAISES THE CURTAIN FOR FURLA. New from De Rigo, Furla’s sunglasses collection is sure to turn heads. Standing out from the crowd, the wide front piece of Furla’s Style No. SU4901, shown here in color 6XG, maintains the sophisticated, refined look wearers have come to expect from the brand. The double-layered acetate temples feature a silkscreen process and the temple tips feature the brand’s signature “F” logo. For more information, contact De Rigo Vision at 877-606-7852 or derigovision.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G21051. CLARITI OPENS UP WITH KONISHI FLEX. Feminine and delicate, Konishi Flex (Style No. KF8438) features a lace-inspired design and open temples. Colorways include satin plum (shown here), velvet brown, and black. For more information, contact Clariti Eyewear at 800-372-6372 or claritieyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16111. OKO BY OKO PARIS WINKS WITH EROTIK@. A new metal ophthalmic collection from OKO by OKO Paris, ErotiK@ includes lightweight styles Joy, Victoria, and Leon (shown here in gold and black). These feminine models feature two-toned and duo-toned effects. Inspired by women’s lingerie, they each have their own light, seductive look. For more information, contact OKO Eyewear, distributed by RED88 Eyewear Distributing, Inc., at 888-716-2020 or oko-eyewear.com.
CLASSIQUE’S LISA LOEB CELEBRATES A MILESTONE. The introduction of Classique’s Stay frame, Style No. 151, marks the 20th anniversary of Lisa Loeb’s iconic eyewear, inspired by Loeb’s biggest hit, “Stay (I Miss You).” Colorways for the full-rimmed cat-eye frame include cobalt (shown here), tortoise, and black tortoise. For more information, contact Classique Eyewear at 866-604-5700 or classique-eyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G24049. LUXOTTICA’S DOLCE&GABBANA BLOOMS. The Mosaico Collection is Dolce&Gabbana’s first foray into micro mosaics for eyewear. With its roots in ancient Roman culture, the process for creating these designs includes spinning Murano glass to create micro tiles to be used in each frame. Style No. DG4215 is shown here, with each temple’s embellishment made up of 300 micro tiles. Colorways include havana, red (shown here), and black. For more information, contact Luxottica at 800-422-2020 or luxottica.net, or at Vision Expo West, #16024. THREE’S COMPANY FOR ARNETTE SUNS. With new sunwear including Smokey, Two-Bit, and the Racketeer, Arnette Eyewear is ready to shine. Smokey features a traditional navigator-shaped design and metallic arms, while Two-Bit has a nylon frame and is ideal for active wear. The Racketeer, also made with durable nylon, has a more classic look to its rectangular frame (shown here). For more information, contact Arnette at 888-708-8856 or arnette.com.
EASTERN STATES FINDS THE KEYS. Jaguar Ultimate, a subcollection of Jaguar Eyewear, uses premium materials including pure titanium and 23-karat gold plating. The temples feature the official Jaguar logo, encased in a piano lacquer with a resin covering, and the acetate temple tips have metal endings. Style No. 35809 is shown here in gold-silver-black. For more information, contact Eastern States Eyewear at 800-645-3710 or eseyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #17027. TURA’S LULU GUINNESS PURRS WITH NEW STYLES. Cat-eye shapes, animal prints, and rich laminate materials give the new Lulu Guinness models their personality. Style No. L763 is a petite frame with an oval cat-eye shape. The frame front is a stainless steel flat metal, and the brow features a retro coining texture in a contrasting color. Colorways include black (shown here), brown, and burgundy. For more information, contact Tura Inc. at 800-242-8872 or tura.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16021. SAFILO’S CARRERA ICONS COLLECTION RACES AHEAD. New metal editions of Champion and Carrera 6000 have hit the scene. Champion/MT, an aviator, now has an slim profile and is as light as it is flat. With satin finishes and mirrored lenses, this style is available in shades of brown with gray lenses, black with black lenses, blue with blue lenses (shown here), and red with orange lenses. The now-metal wavy temples of Carrera 6000/MT work with the style’s rectangular frame front to offer an innovative twist on an iconic design. Colorways include coral with red or gray lenses, turquoise with khaki lenses, ruthenium with copper lenses, black with black lenses, white with pink lenses, and blue with blue or multicolored lenses. For more information, contact Safilo USA at 800-631-1188 or safilo.com, or at Vision Expo West, #19065.
VIVA’S BONGO SHINES FOR FALL. With a full-rimmed handcrafted acetate and a metal semi-rimless style, Bongo brings young women two stylish frames that work for day and night. Style B Nia features raised triangular metal studs on a modified rectangular eyeshape. Colorways include red (shown here), brown, and black. B Talia sparkles with three rhinestones and metal embellishments on each temple. This semi-rimless frame is available in black, brown, and purple. For more information, contact Marcolin USA/Viva at 800-345-VIVA or vivagroup.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16053. MCGEE FREES ITSELF OF RIMS, NOT STYLE. The Totally Rimless collection from the McGee Group includes two new unisex styles, each with spring hinges and adjustable nosepads. Style No. TR 209 has a rounded rectangular eyeshape and is available in black and brown. Style No. TR 210 has a more rounded eyeshape and comes in brushed brown and navy titanium (shown here). In addition, the collection’s Boutique line has two new jewelry-inspired designs for women: Style Nos. TR 211 and TR 212. For more information, contact The McGee Group at 800-966-2020 or mcgeegroup.com, or at Vision Expo West, #19031. BOLLÉ GETS PROTECTIVE. The introduction of Bollé Sport Protective eyewear gives athletic children the option for eyewear that adheres to ANSI Z87.1-2010 and AS™ F803 standards. Five styles-Coverage, Crunch, Swag, Dominance, and Baller (shown here in black and red), are all available in plano and Rx, and ECPs can source their own Rx lenses or order directly from Bollé. Frames will feature a new polycarbonate grade material and a shock absorption system. Lenses will include platinum coating, which provides scratch resistance and anti-fog technology. For more information, contact Bollé at 800-222-6553 or bolle.com, or at Vision Expo West, #18049.
REVOLUTION IS LIGHT ON ITS FEET. Six new styles round out Revolution Eyewear’s Carbon Fiber collection, featuring its namesake material on the temples. This incredibly lightweight collection boasts the brand’s own patented Bottom Mounted Clip-Ons and its built-in magnet embodiment. Colorways include tortoise, translucent brown, dark tortoise purple, blue, and black. Style No. RCF203 is shown here in black gun silver. For more information, contact Revolution Eyewear at 800-986-0010 or revolutioneyewear.com. L’AMY’S BALMAIN IS THREE FOR THREE. With two new styles for women and one for men, the Balmain eyewear collection stays true to its roots, featuring rivets and metal details. Women’s models include Style Nos. BL 1033, an acetate frame with metal trim, and BL 1046 (shown here in blue), an acetate model with a geometric design inspired by the Fall/Winter 2014 ready-to-wear collection. For men, Style No. BL 3029 has an oversized rectangular shape with gradient colors and a metal trim detail. Each frame is available in three colorways. For more information, contact L’Amy America at 800-USA-LAMY or lamyamerica.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16043. MOREL’S ÖGA HITS THE RIM. The formerly all-semi-rimless family of Talvac welcomes Talvac II, with two full-rimmed metal models available in three colors each. Inspired by the layered look of Scandinavian furniture, these styles are made with two-toned, triple-layered acetate and feature integrated, hinge-concealing endpieces. Style No. 7584Ö is shown here in color BB012. For more information, contact Morel at 800-526-8838 or morel-france.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G21015.
OWP’S MEXX EYES CONNECTS THE DOTS. Polka dots are still going strong, and now have a place in Mexx Eyes’ repertoire. Style No. 5143 features a metal front with acetate temples, and Style No. 5323 has a pure acetate frame. Color combinations for both styles include black/pink, red/white, indigo/kiwi green (shown here on Style No. 5323), mocha yellow, and more. For more information, contact OWP USA at 877-569-7872 or owpusa.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G22037. SPY ROARS WITH LEO. A new take on the classic navigator, SPY’s Leo features the brand’s signature Happy Lens™, Hytrel™ temple tips, and small temple openings for leash attachment. This mid-sized frame is made with lightweight, forged monel alloy. Six color/lens options are available. Brass with Happy bronze lens is shown here. For more information, contact SPY, Inc. at 800-779-3937 or spyoptic.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16112. ELEGANCE DEFINES ZYLOWARE’S SOPHIA LOREN PETITE. Designed for progressive-wearing, mature patients, two elegant, sophisticated styles from Sophia Loren Petite are each available in two colors. Style No. M254 has an oval eyeshape and is full rimmed, with an extended, ribbed endpiece. Style No. BR 63 (shown here in cognac) is a semi-rimless frame with a cut-out design sprinkled with diamond-esque jewels. For more information, contact Zyloware Eyewear at 800-765-3700 or zyloware.com, or at Vision Expo West, #18031.
MARCHON’S VALENTINO TAKES FLIGHT. From a curvy silhouette to a classic metal aviator, two new Valentino styles are making their marks. Kiss looks like, well, a kiss! Colorways for this women’s style include scarlet (shown here), rubin, Valentino red, black, black/red, and

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