ZIMCO ROCKS OUT WITH ENGLISH LAUNDRY. Sticking to its guns as a brand that’s “elegant, arrogant, and English,” Zimco’s English Laundry eyewear collection includes 30 styles: 15 for women (Shelley, shown here, bottom, in English lavender) and 15 for men (Graham, shown here, top, in lager brown). Rich acetates are accentuated with modern metal fronts as well as leather and bamboo temples. Representing English culture across the collection, temple tips feature a casted union jack, and embellishments include gothic crosses, the script EL logo, pinstripes, paisley, and the English rose for women. For more information, contact Zimco Optics at 800-905-2240 ext. 1081 or zimcooptics.com, or at Vision Expo West, #19013.

CLEARVISION GOES GAGA FOR DILLI DALLI. The new line of frames for infants and toddlers (aged 6 months to 2) offers durability, comfort, and style. With a total of six styles, three are metal, two are metal combination, and one is acetate. Four styles are unisex, one is for girls (Buttercup, shown here), and one is for boys. Designs feature kid-friendly graphics such as cars, frogs, ladybugs, butterflies, and camouflage. A patented “Intelligence Hinge” in each style flexes both vertically and horizontally. For more information, contact ClearVision Optical Co. at 800-905-2240 ext. 1015 or cvoptical.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16087.

NOUVEAU KEEPS IT MODERN WITH VAN HEUSEN STUDIO. Men who place emphasis on contemporary style will appreciate VHS Contract, a new model from Van Heusen Studio. This frame boasts an open design on its endpieces and temples, and a rectangular, semi-rimless front. Double-action spring hinges keep this style practical. VHS Contract is offered in black and satin gunmetal. For more information, contact Nouveau Eyewear at 800-905-2240 ext. 1042 or nouveaueyewear.com.

CLASSIQUE ENJOYS A BRITISH INVASION WITH WILLIAM MORRIS LONDON. Design integrity and European artisanship are the hallmarks of this eyewear collection of 35 styles. Wearable classic and retro shapes in full-rimmed and semi-rimless designs are available in stainless steel, and double and triple laminate Mazzucchelli acetate (William Morris London Style No. 526 shown here). Striking colors such as mauve, tortoise pink, and blue red make this the perfect eyewear for the contemporary, free-spirited consumer who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. For more information, contact Classique Eyewear at 800-905-2240 ext. 1014 or classique-eyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G24049.

OGI’S SERAPHIN GOES BOLD. The new Executive Collection in Ogi Eyewear’s Seraphin line, is calm, cool, and collected. And bold. Key styles include Dakota (shown here, bottom), which features a European rectangular shape and metallic hinge accent, and Hennepin (shown here, top), a layered Italian acetate with a can’t-miss-it arch and chrome hinge accents. Dakota comes in a range of neutral tones, while colorways for Hennepin include havana tortoise with white, beige, purple, or coral. For more information, contact Ogi Eyewear at 800-905-2240 ext. 1044 or ogiframes.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G23017.

KENMARK’S ORIGINAL PENGUIN LOOKS FORWARD BY LOOKING BACK. The combination of metal and plastic makes its mark on Original Penguin with two new styles. Paying homage to mid-century shapes while maintaining a modern feel, The Dawson’s (shown here) is a smooth, P-3 plastic front featuring thin wire temples and suspended metal nosepads. The Lester’s has a deep plastic front with textured detailing and a metal bridge, as well as spring hinges. For more information, contact Kenmark Group at 800-905-2240 ext. 1028 or kenmarkoptical.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16031.

REM EYEWEAR’S JOHN VARVATOS GETS PRACTICAL WITH STYLE. Fashion-conscious men can go from the office to the beach in one
fell swoop with John Varvatos Style No. V353. This ophthalmic frame fits under a sleek sun clip, and the anti-reflective lenses are available in tonal browns, subtle gunmetal on black, and gold on black. For more information, contact REM Eyewear at 800-905-2240 ext. 1054 or remeyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #13043.

REPTILE HISSES WITH STILETTO. Named after an African snake, the retro-inspired cat-eye design of Reptile’s Stiletto features gradient polarized lenses and claw-like temples. The acetate frames are available in black top on tokyo tortoise bottom (at left) and horn carmel top on demi blond bottom (at right). For more information, contact Reptile Polarized Sunglasses at 800-905-2240 ext. 1055 or reptilesun.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G22032.

WOLSKI VISION STEPS OFF THE BEATEN PATH. Passion meets the unconventional with Slav Nowostad eyewear. Designed without any hinges or screws, these one-piece avant-garde frames are made with high-quality stainless steel that’s light, durable, and flexible. Each of the company’s more than 200 models can adjust to any head size or face shape, and surfaces include matte, sheen, and polished satin. Customized patterns can also be created. For more information, contact Wolski Vision at 800-905-2240 ext. 1064 or slavnowosad.com.

MARCHON’S NINE WEST STAYS AHEAD OF THE CURVE. The latest ophthalmic styles from Nine West cover a range of moods and looks. Style No. NW 1014 marries youth and sophistication with animal print patterns on glossy acetate temples (shown here), while Style No. NW 1015 features tribal spotted temples on an all-metal frame. Wearers looking for bling won’t want to miss Style No. NW 1021, which boasts a rhinestone pattern on a metal and plastic combo. For more information, contact Marchon Eyewear at 800-905-2240 ext. 1035 or marchon.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16065.

VIVA’S GANT SAYS IT’S HIP TO BE ROUND. The Fall/Winter 2012 ophthalmic collection from GANT Eyewear includes one women’s style and one men’s style each from GANT and GANT by Michael Bastian, as well as one men’s design from GANT Rugger. One key style for men, G Tupper, has a keyhole bridge and a rich handmade acetate finish. Two metal studs adorn each corner of the frame’s front on this model, which comes in black and navy/tortoise. GW Juvet, for women, is a wayfarer-inspired shape that employs a chunkier plastic, engraved logo treatments on the temples, and metal stud detailing on the front and temples. Colorways include brown and olive (shown here) as well as solid black. For more information, contact Viva International Group at 800-905-2240 ext. 1075 or vivagroup.com, or at Vision Expo West, #16053.

SAFILO HEATS UP WITH CARRERA 6000. With a name inspired by the temperature of the sun’s photosphere, Carrera 6000 is made with Optyl™, an ultra-lightweight hypoallergenic material. This frame maintains its form, even at a high temperature, and has a timeless square shape with wavy temples. In the global collection, it comes in 14 colors, including vertical stripes, sports-inspired, and camouflage tones. For more information, contact Safilo USA at 800-905-2240 ext. 1058 or safilo.com, or at Vision Expo West, #19065.

MCGEE PLANTS A NEW SEED WITH VERA BRADLEY. The Full Blooms Ahead collection is sprinkled with floral-inspired colors and stylish eyeshapes. Spring hinges allow for a comfortable fit in this collection that includes April, a semi-rimless, butterfly-shaped combination frame with a metal front and double-laminate acetate temples; and Brandy, a full-rimmed triple-laminate acetate with an oval eyeshape (shown here in Doodle Daisy). For more information, contact The McGee Group at 800-905-2240 ext. 1066 or mcgeegroup.com, or at Vision Expo West, #18042.

LUXOTTICA’S DOLCE&GABBANA FOLLOWS THE MATT-SILK ROAD. Paying tribute to the past while maintaining a modern flair, Dolce&Gabbana’s Matt-Silk collection is ’50s-inspired, bringing energy and elegance together. Colorways of the butterfly-shaped frames include taupe, cherry red, cerulean sky, lipstick pink, mother earth brown, and jet black. For more information, contact Luxottica at 800-905-2240 ext. 1033 or luxottica.net, or at Vision Expo West, #16024.

THREE’S COMPANY FOR CHARMANT’S PUMA. Three new performance-driven styles for men, each offered in four colorways, have been added to the PUMA Eyewear ophthalmic collection. Style No. PU 15371 is a lightweight model that features a sporty line on its bridge and extended rubber temple tips. Made with flexible memory material, Style No. PU 15373 is an ultra-light, streamlined design with rubber-tipped temples for a comfortable grip (shown here in brown). Rounding out the collection is Style No. PU 15374, an athletic-inspired, semi-rimless frame. For more information, contact Charmant Group at 800-905-2240 ext. 1013 or charmant.com/us, or at Vision Expo West, #20093.

MOREL TAKES ALPHA MALES SERIOUSLY. Available in two semi-rimless and four full-rimmed shapes, Morel’s Alpha 17 style boasts clean angles and a crisp look. As with the rest of the Lightec collection, the Alpha 17 is 100% stainless steel and fitted with a screwless “Alpha” spring hinge. Colorways include green (shown here), orange, red, gray, dark blue, and black, and five of the six models are progressive-friendly. For more information, contact Morel at 800-905-2240 ext. 1039 or morel-france.com, or at Vision Expo West, #G21015.

WESTGROUPE’S FYSH HAS FLOWER POWER. A full-rimmed acetate frame with a floral laser print on its temples, Style No. 3469 from WestGroupe’s FYSH UK collection is a modified cat eye. This design features a marble effect on the frame fronts as well as on the temples’ edges. Colorways include brown, black, and burgundy (shown here). For more information, contact WestGroupe at 800-905-2240 ext. 1076 or fyshuk.com, or at Vision Expo West, #18023.

MYKITA’S DECADES IS A SIGN OF THE TIMES. The new sun collection from MYKITA feature the company’s lightweight flat-metal concept, which employs 0.5mm stainless steel frames. Aldous and Truman boast a square eyeshape; Mareike joins panto and cat-eye elements; and Maple features a more rounded eyeshape. Colorways include Yves Klein blue, saffron brown, opal green, and pastel gray. Lenses have a light, mirrored gold coating to match the gold hinge of each frame. For more information, contact MYKITA at 800-905-2240 ext. 1040 or mykita.com, or at Vision Expo West, the Suites.

LEGRE FINDS ITS METAL EDGE. The latest metal collection from Legre includes bold and bright color combinations such as purple/copper, burgundy/blue, black/purple, and brown/magenta (shown here on Style No. LE 5073). For more information, contact Legre at 800-905-2240 ext. 1030 or legreeyewear.com, or at Vision Expo West, #22110


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