With five trendsetting ophthalmic styles, Cheer, Crush, Insider, Rebel and Spirit, the new XOXO Girl subcollection of the feminine XOXO line brings young women a range of options from which to choose. Rebel has acetate frame fronts and metal temples with a stamped animal-print décor and acetate temple tips. This style is available in purple/blue and black/turquoise. Cheer boasts a multi-layered acetate in a modified cat-eye shape and metal décor, with sculpted temple tips. This style is offered in tortoise over Tiffany blue and dark tortoise over moss green. For more information, contact The McGee Group at 800-966-2020 or mcgeegroup.com.


ZYLOWARE’S RED TIGER ROARS ONTO THE SCENE. Designed with men’s fitting challenges in mind, Red Tiger is a designed-to-fit collection. All five styles in the collection sit comfortably on the wearer’s nose, offering ample headroom at the temples. Each frame features adjustable gooseneck nosepads and a wider angle of flair, to accommodate flatter bridges and higher cheekbones. Style No. Red Tiger AM 501Z, shown here in tortoise, is a full-rimmed and rectangular shaped zyl frame. For more information, contact Zyloware Eyewear at 800-765-3700 or zyloware.com. WESTGROUPE’S EVATIK SPORTS THREE NEW STYLES. Evatik Sport, the new Evatik subcollection, offers styles that work for wearers in a professional setting or out with friends. All three styles are full-rimmed and stainless steel. Style No. E-9093 comes in brown orange, Style No. E-9094 is offered in gray olive (shown here), and Style No. 9095 is available in navy putty. For more information, contact WestGroupe at 855-455-0042 or evatik.com. SAFILO KNOWS WHO’S ‘BOSS.’ The launch of the HUGO Hugo Boss ophthalmic collection includes six styles, which offer modern, innovative designs in acetate, metal, and aluminum. One of the collection’s key models, Style No. HUGO 0117, is shown here in black/transparent red with black/transparent red temples. This unisex frame features transparent, multi-layer acetate, and is also offered in havana/crystal with transparent brown temples, gray/crystal, blue havana with gray/transparent blue temples, and green havana with black/crystal temples. For more information, contact Safilo USA at 800-631-1188 or safilo.com.
MARCHON ‘FLEXONS’ ITS MUSCLES. The new Flexon Laser Precision Series employs light and shadows in its look, and the Flexon Parallel Universe Series offers fluid design. Both series include two full-rimmed frames and one semi-rimless style, each available in four colorways. Style No. E1027, from the Laser Precision Series, is shown here in semi-matte black gun. For more information, contact Marchon Eyewear at 800-645-1300 or marchon.com. TURA SHARES ITS LEGENDS. From Swarovski crystals to gold and silver leaf inlays, Tura’s Legends Collection features seven ophthalmics and two suns. Among the key models is Style No. 044, a limited-edition sunglass available in tortoise, rose (shown here), and blue. This made-in-France frame boasts more than 200 Swarovski crystals set in hand-drilled settings in rich acetate. Other models include Style No. 045, a clubmaster sun, and ophthalmic Style Nos. R605, R608, and R610. For more information, contact Tura at 800-242-8872 or tura.com. MOREL’S KOALI HARMONIZES WITH YUCCA. The three arched strands of the Yucca collection’s temples represent the uniquely shaped leaves of the plant of the same name. This nature-inspired collection from Morel’s Koali line includes 10 styles, three of which are handcrafted acetate, and seven of which have stainless steel fronts. Style No. 7501K is shown here. For more information, contact Morel at 800-526-8838 or morel-france.com.
COSTA COLORS IT IN. Five new limited-edition styles from Costa will make outdoor activity brighter all around this summer. Caballito, Cut (shown here), Cat Cay, and Prop are now available in matte sunset fade (red-to-orange ombre) and matte Caribbean fade (fading blue), while Blackfin, Corbina, Saltbreak, and Zane come in opaque matte crystal with blue trim. And the new Austin sunglass, which is semi-rimless, is offered in the Realtree AP™ Pink camouflage pattern. For more information, contact Costa at 800-447-3700 or costadelmar.com. OGI DISTINGUISHES ITSELF WITH THE LINCOLN. Designed for men with larger faces, the Lincoln is made with handcrafted Italian acetate and based on Ogi’s Washington style. This full-rimmed style is offered in four colorways: honey tortoise, blue demi, olive demi, and midnight fade/midnight. Three-dimensional silver, diamond-shaped rivets add an extra bit of personality to this style as well. Ogi Eyewear at 888-560-1060 or ogieyewear.com. RANDOLPH CELEBRATES NEW ENGLAND. The names of six new ophthalmic styles from Randolph Engineering offer a nod to several communities in the company’s home state of Massachusetts. Avon, Carlisle, Dalton, Holyoke, Newbury, and Quincy are all metal, and come in a variety of polished finishes including chrome satin, silver antique, black nickel, bronze antique, and rose gold. Avon is shown here in bronze antique. For more information, contact Randolph Engineering, Inc. at 800-541-1405 or randolphusa.com.
L’AMY’S SPERRY TOP-SIDER HOISTS ITS SAILS. The latest styles from Sperry Top-Sider Eyewear will bring boating and summertime to any wearer in any location. Sanibel is an acetate frame for women, with skip-lace detail on the endpiece that’s inspired by the design of the brand’s Authentic Original boat shoe. Colorways include black/tortoise, tortoise/mint, and eggplant/coral. Harwich, shown here in tortoise/olive, is a men’s style with bold endpieces and leather-wrapped temples. Additional colorways include black fade and transparent navy. For more information, contact L’Amy America at 800-USA-LAMY or lamyamerica.com. SMITH POPS WITH NEW STYLES. From neutrals to vibrant colors, metals to acetates, the 10 new ophthalmic styles from Smith Optics offer wearers frames that range from fun to professional to sophisticated, with several being a combination of all three. Quinlan, shown here in Poppy, has an acetate frame front, titanium temples, and spring hinges. For more information, contact Smith Optics at 800-635-4401 or smithoptics.com. NOUVEAU’S PHOEBE COUTURE EMBRACES WHIMSY. The latest styles from Phoebe Couture eyewear bring vintage-inspired design together with prints and colors for the young at heart. Style No. P261, shown here in black, has a light, floral print on the temples, while Style No. P261 offers women a tortoise-and-solid-color frame front with a more graphic floral design on the temples. For more information, contact Nouveau Eyewear at 800-292-4342 or nouveaueyewear.com.
SPY’S KEN BLOCK SERIES KEEPS SMILING. In addition to the already-upbeat options available in SPY’s Ken Block Series, wearers can now smile from ear to ear as they sport suns from the series in Block’s signature livery print. All suns in the series are available with SPY’s Happy™ Lens in bronze, dark blue spectra, or gray green. Helm is shown here in livery. For more information, contact SPY Inc. at 800-779-3937 or spyoptic.com. MATCH’S HELIUM PARIS TAKES OFF. The four new ophthalmic styles in Match Eyewear’s Italian-made Helium Paris collection include two models for women and two for men. On the women’s side, Style No. HE4234 is a combination frame made with metal and acetate, with a modified rectangle eyeshape. It features marbleized coloration on the temples. Style No. HE4237, shown here in green marble, is a modified cat-eye shape with beaded detailing on the temples and an embossed Helium logo. For men, the modified square eyeshape with ceramic trim on Style No. HE4235 stands out, while Style No. HE4236 features denim-inspired details and a metal trim. For more information, contact Match Eyewear at 877-88-MATCH or matcheyewear.com.

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