Charmed Life Magnifier collection from Ron’s Optical features
eyewear necklaces that
also double as magnifiers.

Providing complimentary items like the latest eyewear holders/jewelry fulfill patients’ needs for fashion and functionality.

While eyewear holders may have been born out of necessity, they are now considered another approach for eyecare practitioners in helping patients accessorize their eyewear. Many holders are so versatile that patients can choose to wear them as a piece of jewelry on their own. This adds to the fact that offering eyewear holders/jewelry is a simple way of increasing add-on sales—if patients are already spending money on a stylish pair of frames, they are likely open to the idea of purchasing a fashionable eyewear holder to go along with it.

Whether patients are looking for the next trendy accessory or simply searching for a way not to misplace their glasses, the following eyewear holders/jewelry can meet their needs.

Hilco’s new Safari eyewear holders can be used as fashion necklaces to
enhance their value.

Not willing to settle for the “very functional” leash look, La LOOP’s eyewear necklaces are offered in a variety of quality materials. For instance, the silver that the company works with is 92.5% silver content, characterizes it as sterling silver; the wood that is uses is real; the pearls are genuine freshwater pearls; the shells come from the shores of New Zealand; and the leather is from a fifth-generation leather mill in northern Italy. In addition, all La LOOP necklaces feature patent protected “magical” hinges. Designed on every loop, the hinges move with the wearer and gravity, ensuring eyewear is always safe and secure at your fingertips.

Adding sparkle to women’s stylish accessory needs, Hilco’s new fashion

The Scojo New York Gels Retainers are colorful and made out of an ultra-durable TR-90 surgical plastic that allows the retainers to be lightweight.

holders highlight the season’s hottest trends. The vibrant color holders double as an eyewear holder and a fashion necklace to enhance their value. Available in a broad range of shapes, colors, and materials, the new collections include Safari, Shimmer, Glitter, and Bella.

The twin plaques of acetate in Face à Face’s IDA necklaces bring color combinations into play. Color variations include a range exclusive to Face à Face eyewear and the contemporary design also fulfills the double function of jewelry and frame holder. The two plaques are connected by a waxed cotton cord; a sliding knot system allows for adjusting the length to suit the wearer. Single color sheets are harmonized and cut entirely by hand, producing a wealth of colors and structures.

The Cinzia necklace collection includes the Hieroglyph style that features yellow trapezoidal stone, silver seed beads, and a swoop pendant.

The Cinzia and Trendies by Cinzia eyewear necklaces offer the option of different price points for patients. Cinzia is a more sophisticated collection and are typically larger in size compared to the Trendies by Cinzia necklaces. For example, the Cinzia Hieroglyph style is made of yellow trapezoidal stone, silver seed beads, and a black swoop pendant. The Trendies necklaces are designed at a lower price point and are more colorful and smaller in size. All of the company’s eyewear necklaces are designed and hand-beaded in the Cinzia studio, and each is finished with a magnetic closure to make them easy to take on and off.

Stylish eyechains can also be found in Corinne McCormack’s Moroccan Sunset and Caribbean Dream collections—both of which feature glass or plastic beads.

The necklaces by Ron’s Optical are more than just eyewear holders. The Charmed Life Magnifier collection features four necklaces that also double as very practical magnifiers. With 3x magnification and chic pendants that house the magnifier, these eyewear necklaces make the ideal statement pieces.

Corinne McCormack stays on trend with the Moroccan Sunset and Caribbean Dream eyechain collections.

Ron’s Optical also offers the Behold Eyewear/ID Badge Holder collection, which includes seven eyewear holder necklaces that double as ID badge holders. Styles range from simple gold and silver chains to beaded chains. Each eyewear holder comes with a removable alligator clip that transforms the eyewear holder into an ID badge holder. Many professional patients are required to wear ID badges on a daily basis and are looking for a more unique and fashionable way to do it. When not at work, patients can also simply remove the alligator clip and use as an eyewear holder.

La LOOP’s necklaces feature ‘magical’ hinges that move with the wearer and gravity to keep eyewear safe and secure (Style No. 402 shown here).

The Scojo New York Gels Retainers are the perfect combination of style and functionality. They are made out of an ultra-durable TR-90 surgical plastic that allows the retainers to be lightweight but also full of vibrant color. With multiple colorways, the Gels Retainers lets wearers match their favorite readers to their retainers, or to add a subtle splash of personality.

E Focus Inc.’s eyewear retainer metal chain collection comes in various chain styles and color patterns—all inspired by necklaces and other jewelry patterns. The eyeglass metal chains are lead-free and the adjustable, stretchable silicone rubber tip fits securely to any size temple. For more information on sports retainers, see “Fun in the Sun: Must-Have Sports Retainers.”

Offering eyewear holders/jewelry will set your office apart from other businesses by being able to provide a unique service for patients searching for a good balance between fashion and functionality.

The IDA Flower collection includes color variations exclusive to Face à Face eyewear.

Marian Zboraj is Editor of VCPN.

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WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? While jewelry holders are a stylish way to accessorize eyewear for adults, what about the kids? Let your pediatric patients have fun with their eyewear too by offering Ficklets by Ron’s Optical in your practice. These patented removable, interchangeable charms for eyeglasses not only get kids exited about wearing eyeglasses, but they also allow children to express their individualism. With a large selection to choose from, every child will find a hip, cool design they love.
Make the buying experience even more enjoyable for children with kid-friendly cases. Ron’s Optical has a variety of materials to choose from in fun design patterns like Walk the Plank, Lets Play Ball, and Animal Farm.

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