OptiPets Jungle Animals

Step outside the box and bring some frivolity into your office with individual frame displays.

Frame displays can get a bit boring. Think of dozens of frames lined up on Lucite racks and you’ll understand the consumer’s eye view of a confusing display. Many ECPs arrange frames by collection, by color, by gender, by age, or by use (sports, kids, etc.). What can you do to make your frames look outstanding?

Take some merchandising tips from major upscale retailers or even better, take a first-hand look at how they display their goods. Props are frequently used and carefully chosen to attract a specific type of consumer. ECPs can use props too, but too many “things” in a display can cause visual confusion and detract from the message. Sometimes less is more and frame holders that do it one piece at a time are a great solution.

Many frame companies have licenses from fashion brands and produce spin-off eyewear brands of the parent brand. Check out some classy displays that promote that concept-shoes, for example. At Debby Burke Optical (debspecs.com), there are single frame displays that will attract fashion brand buyers interested in stylish footwear in a most attention-getting manner.

What is a more natural single frame display than a nose? That’s where frames are worn and the displays, also from Debby Burke Optical, feature an easy way to highlight your frame offerings. For frames made from natural materials or men’s frames, think wood. These noses look like something ancient and hand-carved, which in fact, they are.

Do you want a more fanciful nose? Check out Debby Burke Optical’s colorful and fun noses. Consider contrasting them by using solid color frames.

When you want to showcase lightweight rimless frames, look for something sleek, minimalistic, and metallic that sends the message loud and clear. Framedisplays.com has a great solution with its Ball Frame Holder. The frames appear to be suspended, further enforcing the light and airy feeling of the frames.

Presenting frames in a unique and kid-friendly way to get the little ones’ attention is a strategy that really works. OptiSource International has some fun and friendly single frame holders in its OptiPets line that will delight your younger patients. Its Jungle Animals set, for example, has eyeglass-wearing hippos, zebras, giraffes, and other fun animals.

If you carry specialized eyewear for sports or safety use, take a look at OptiNoses from OptiSource. It has holders for just about any sport or recreational activity. Highlighting a specific activity rings a bell in the consumer’s mind, and opens up the conversation about specialized second pairs.

Some of your patients will fall in love with these OptiPets/Fish displays from from OptiSource so much that they will want to purchase them from you. In an office I worked at a few years ago, we used several of these displays that come in many colorful combinations for our FYSH frames (from WestGroupe).

Eye-catching individual eyeglass displays are an effective merchandising tool as well as a practical device for patients to have at home.

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.

(A) Debby Burk Optical 516-935-4584 • debspecs.com
(B) Framedisplays.com 877-274-9300 • framedisplays.com
(C) OptiSource International 800-678-4768 • 800-optisource.com


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