Transitions® XTRActive® lenses work their magic inside and out.

Helping your patients see comfortably in bright sun and harsh artificial light, Transitions XTRActivelenses are available in a range of materials, including polycarbonate, 1.50, 1.67, FT-28, and Trivex material, and in single vision lenses and some progressive addition lenses. Suitable for all-day use in both indoors and outside, these lenses come in clear-to-gray or clear-to-brown options. They can darken behind the windshield in a car up to a category II, unlike everyday photochromic lenses. The hint of tint protects the wearer from harsh indoor lighting, which can cause eyestrain.

Back story
The performance of all photochromic lenses are influenced by temperature; heat reforms the chemical bond of photochromic molecules and hot temperatures drive the lenses back to clear. To overcome this, Transitions XTRActive lenses use a different formulation of photochromic dyes. These special molecules collect “extra” energy enabling the lens to darken more even in the hottest climates.

Today’s windshields have UV absorbers to protect the dashboard and interior. By taking advantage of the lower wavelengths of the visible spectrum, Transitions XTRActive lenses respond to visible light, not just UV, enabling the lenses to darken behind the windshield.

WOW Factor
Throughout 2015, patients will hear about Transitions XTRActive lenses through media partnerships, a new TV tag, print and digital advertising, and social media. Compelling online videos such as those from the Optics Test Force series show off the extensive research and development behind the product and explain the lenses’ unique features and benefits. A new color-brown-offers high contrast, while expanded material offerings in gray gives ECPs more fashion options enabling them to bring new patients into the photochromic category.


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