Consumers tend to see readymade readers as mainly disposable so they purchase multiple pairs. These readers are available in basic colors, dazzling patterns, trendy styles, and hot fashion brands from a variety of eyewear manufacturers. And there are others that have something unique-a magnetic closure, or an LED light-which is sure to delight your patients.

A magnetic closure at the bridge and continuous temples that form a wraparound neck band make CliC Optical readers a must-have, readymade reader. When wearers place the flexible temples around their head, they “clic” the magnetic bridge into place. These are available in standard powers from +1.25D to +3.00D. Every CliC reader expands at the temple to increase the length. Select styles also expand in the back to enlarge the width.

The patented MagReader by Eyewear Inventions, LLC offers some functional features such as a handy built-in LED light and a convenient carabineer clip. In the open position, the MagReader has two powers, +1.50D and +2.25D.

When it’s closed, the magnification doubles to +3.00D and +4.50D for viewing fine detail close up. It comes with a protective and stylish carrying case and is available in black or purple.

REM Eyewear’s Tumi line also has readers-the Compatto travel readers. These little gems include a patent-pending frame design, unique nosepads that hold the flexible temples in place for compact storage, and photochromic lenses. Carbon graphite makes the frame front extremely lightweight and strong. The temples are made of beta titanium, which offers superior flexibility and elasticity as well as durability and corrosion-resistance. You’ll find them in powers of +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, and +2.50D.

Readers from ThinOptics are designed to fit on the back of a smartphone, tablet, and a universal pod that will fit in a pocket or purse. They weigh less than a nickel and compact to the size of a credit card. The frames and lenses are made with optical-grade injection-molded polycarbonate and are designed to sit comfortably and securely on any nose.

The readers come in clear or black and in three powers-+1.50D, +2.00D, and +2.50D. Cases are designed to fit the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, 5c, 6, 6+, and the Galaxy S4 and S5. The handy dandy universal pod will fit in a pocket or purse, or can be attached to practically any hard flat surface-such as a tablet-using double-sided adhesive tape.

This brief overview indicates the latest innovations you’ll find in the OTC readers market. With so much versatility, these eyewear options are worth considering for your office.

Randall L. Smith is the Opticianry Program Director at Baker College in Allen Park, MI.


CliC Optical 509-535-3223 • clic-optical.com

Eyewear Inventions, LLC 800-223-0167 • themagreader.com

FGX International, Inc. 800-480-4846 • fgxi.com

REM Eyewear 800-423-3023 • remeyewear.com

ThinOptics 844-484-4667 • ThinOptics.com


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