Now you have more color options for your patients who wear prescription polarized eyewear.

We all know that the best sunglass lenses for our patients, both Rx and non-Rx, are those made with polarized lenses. While there is a plethora of polarized colors in the non-prescription sunglass arena, those patients who wear prescription sunwear have grown up with just a few polarized colors available in only a couple of different materials.

Normally one of few available options would be either a gray or variation of a gray polarized lens for bright sunny days. This color is also good for those who might be a little more sensitive to light, and a gray polarized lens also makes colors viewed by the wearer more pure and vibrant.

For those who wanted a sunglass lens to wear on cloudy overcast days, later in the day or for a softer color offering more contrast, brown polarized lenses were the other option.

Also, polarized lenses had to be a solid color, so no stylish gradient looks or lens treatments were available. But patients don’t only want to protect their eyes with sun lenses; they want to look good, too.


Now, many more colors have burst on the market in prescription polarized sunglasses. It’s not just colors that have hit the marketplace; gradients are now available as are lens treatments that not only make a statement but provide protection as well.

NuPolar Gradient from Younger Optics has introduced gradient polarized colors for your more fashionable, style-conscious patients. Available colors are a gray-to-gray gradient, brown-to-gray gradient and brown-to-brown gradient. NuPolar Gradient polarized lenses don’t need tinting and have consistent color matching. The company’s new Encapsulated Gradient Technology prevents them from fading or discoloring, and all the lenses have NuPolar’s 98% polarizing coefficient.

The lenses are available in single vision, polycarbonate material for thin impact resistance. The Rx range is from -5.00D to +6.00D, and they come in 4-, 6- and 8-base curves.

Similar to the classic non-prescription G-15 color are Coppertone Polarized Lenses in green from VISION EASE. This new green features enhanced color contrast, which is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Green lenses offer vivid color definition, perfect for activities such as tennis, driving and golf. Pairing these benefits with Coppertone Polarized Lenses’ superior glare elimination offers wearers advanced comfort for sports as well as everyday activities.

The polarized polycarbonate lenses are available in 75 mm and 80 mm semi-finished single vision, D28 bifocals and decentered Novel progressive styles.

Besides blocking 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, Coppertone Polarized Lenses further protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays by filtering blue light. Coppertone Polarized Lenses from VISION EASE carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. They are also available in gray and brown plano and prescription lenses.


Signet Armorlite has added mirrored lenses to the Kodak Sun Lens product line, available in gray polarized polycarbonate with four, solid-mirror color options: blue, red, silver and green. The sunwear package includes backside Kodak Clean&CleAR UV Lens Coating along with a hydrophobic treatment to repel water and resist oily smudges, dust and dirt for easy-to-clean eyeglasses. These mirrored lenses are available in three lens designs: Kodak Unique HD Lens, Kodak Unique Lens and Kodak Digital Single Vision Lens.

As part of the Kodak Lens Professional Series, Kodak Sun Lens mirrors are available exclusively to independent ECPs.

Using a specialized lab process and machinery to provide wearers with benefits such as longer lasting and consistent color, Essilor Sunwear Colors’ polarized lenses now have a new range of six new colors (solids or gradient), Forest Gray, Emerald Blue, Grape, Plum, Gray Mist and Sienna Brown.

In addition to these new six colors, you can also get your polarized lenses with silver, gold or blue mirrors. All colors are available in 1.5 standard plastic or polycarbonate lenses, in single vision and full backside progressive designs.

For those who like Trivex, Smith Optics, from Safilo, offers ChromaPop+ polarized lenses in gray green, blue mirror, bronze mirror, brown and platinum.

Samuel Morgenstern, LDO, is the optical manager for Princeton Eye Group in Princeton, NJ.


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