Innovative laser technology is an inventive way to create unique TEMPLE designs.

Using lasers to engrave or etch temples adds clean, crisp designs to a portion of the frame that years ago was considered utilitarian. This technological innovation creates a palette on which artwork is added, making the once lowly temple a major fashion aspect of the frame.


Lasers may be used for cutting deep designs or simply to etch one. The process can be utilized on both plastics and metals. In A&A Optical’s Jalapenos collection, laser etching is employed to cut a pattern in the laminated plastic on the temples of the Break Free style.

Another example of laser etching in acetate is Laurel from the Dana Buchman collection from Kenmark Optical. This eye-catching style features laminates with an interesting etching design cut into the multiple plastic layers.

Tuscany Eyewear uses laser etching in its Mount Collection to create the design in the stainless steel temples of the Journey subcollection. This treatment adds an elegant visual appeal to this three-piece rimless mounting.


Creating cut-outs using lasers is handled in multiple steps. The 50079 model in ImageWear’s Stepper collection is a beautiful example. This titanium full-rimmed frame features laser cut-outs on both the temples and the frame front. To create this, a beta-titanium sheet is embossed and stamped out in four sequences. Then the “embroidery” is cut out with a laser beam guided by a CNC software program. For finishing, the parts are laser-welded with hinges, bent, and laser-welded to the eyewire rims.

Another example of laser cut-outs is demonstrated in Brendel’s 922028 by Tura, a semi-rimless, two-tone plated metal frame. The design is pressed, then laser-etched, and finally pierced to give the cut-out a three-dimensional view.

Plage is a stylish sunglass from Lafont that features
a laser-cut design in its stainless- steel temples. Resin inlays are added for a more dynamic visual appeal.

Laser technology elevated the temple to an artistic creation. Just about anything that can be envisioned can be created this way. Considering how much of a frame’s appearance temples are, it’s about time they found their fashion niche.

Diane F. Drake is a licensed optician, writer, lecturer, and consultant to optical professionals in Jackson, GA.


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