OPTEK GETS IN SHAPE. Combining the latest in multi-axis machining and software technology, Optek’s Shape offers a high level of accuracy, speed, dependability, and operational simplicity. The ophthalmic lens edging solution includes straight and angled edge types and hole/slot types, and freeEdge Technology, which simplifies the process for ECPs, allowing for the easy creation of high-end design features such as engraving, mirroring, scaling, and more. Its database can save designs for repeat use. For more information, contact OPTEK at 800-524-5454 or, or at Vision Expo West, #LP11079.


ESSILOR INSTRUMENTS’ NEPTUNE SAVES WATER. Neptune, the new eco-friendly water filtering system from Essilor Instruments USA, has a 13-gallon tank and an anti-smell module. Producing an ongoing water flow to the edger without additional water consumption (other than replacing any that’s lost to evaporation), it saves 11 gallons of water per edging job. Upkeep for the Neptune is easy, as it requires a filter replacement only approximately every 1,500 lenses. For more information, contact Essilor Instruments USA at 855-EZ-FINISH or, or at Vision Expo West, #LP6065.


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