TOOL TIME FROM DAC VISION. The bevy of new products from DAC comprise DAC Pro Surface Tape in three lengths, DigitALL™ Advanced Chemistry Lens Polish engineered for stock removal and surface finish on all lens materials, Diamond Tooling (offered for the first time), DAC Pro Foam Tools available in 85mm and 70mm round dimensions with beveled adapter plate slots for easy insertion and removal, NGL Cleaning Solutions, AdvantEdge™ Premium Finishing Pad designed for edging all lens material types and AR coating applications, and RemovALL™ Lens Ink Remover. For more information, contact DAC Vision at 800-800-1550 or at DEBLOCK BETTER. Western Optical Supply, Inc. has expanded its line of deblocking pliers. The series is now designed to fit hubs that measure 12mm, 15mm round, 15.75mm x 12mm, and 15.5mm x 14.25mm. Match up the dimensions of the raised hub on a block to the inside dimensions of the plier jaw stated with each plier style. As various edgers use blocks from a range of suppliers, matching dimensions is the best way to determine the plier that is most suitable. Each plier has a tension screw to adjust the grip on the block. For more information, contact Western Optical at 800-423-3294 or

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