BPI MAKES ITS MARK. Removing marks from progressive lenses is easy and quick with Mark Off Plus™ from BPI. Users just need to draw over the marks they’d like to remove, then wipe clean. The fiber tip’s valve easily halts the flow of liquid when it’s not in use. On the flip side, BPI’s Mark It!™ is a user-friendly 15ml pen-style orange lens marker. This quick-drying lens marker is ideal for regular plastic lenses as well as anti-reflective or hydrophobic lenses. For more information, contact Brain Power, Inc. (BPI) at 800-905-2240 ext. 20114 or


PSI GETS POLISHED. Created with durable polyurethane, Digi-Laps are long-lasting soft laps for digital/free-form polishing. They offer resistance to sharp-edge lenses and are offered in various designs including Digi-Flex I/A for i-Flex and Auto-Flex machines, Digi-OMax and Digi-BMax first- and second-step tools for Swift, CCP102, and CCP103 machines. For more information, contact Practical Systems Inc. (PSI) at 800-905-2240 ext. 20115 or


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