ALPHA VIANA SENSES WHEN YOU’RE CLOSE. To spare ECPs from having to manually turn their hand edgers on and off, Alpha Viana’s latest hand edger starts up when someone approaches. The sensor-activated edger offers an innovative approach for an everyday task in the office. For more information, contact Alpha Viana, Inc. at 800-987-6879 or, or at Vision Expo East, #5047. ISONIC CLEANS UP NICELY. Suitable for use in stores, offices, homes, and labs, iSonic’s ultrasonic cleaners show true versatility. Model No. D2840 (shown here), part of the company’s digital series, is a personal model that’s ideal for extra large eyewear, including sunglasses. It has a 15mm tank, with a capacity for 150ml more than Model No. D3800A. Its resistance against leaks is improved and it features chrome-plated trim, a pop-open lid, blue LED light, and a digital timer with five settings. For more information, contact iSonic, Inc. at 847-850-0404 or



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