GERBER COBURN TAKES EDGING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Mr. Blue’s built-in milling cutter keeps super-hydrophobic lenses from slipping, consumes no water, and generates less dust and residue than grinding. Milling is also recommended for highly curved lenses and to prevent any odor when edging high-index lenses. In addition, a grinding function is available for faster processing. Mr. Blue features a tracer, automatic centering device, and blocker, as well as a database of shapes and drilling points, a small footprint, remote maintenance, and an iPhone link. For more information, contact Gerber Coburn at 800-843-1479 or

CUSTOMIZE RIMLESS LENSES WITH ARNO’S DIA DRILL. For processing rimless drill mounts, the DIA DigiDrill DM-50 digitally captures and memorizes hole and notch locations on demo lenses then transfers them to the final lenses. Eight positions can be memorized at once. The device can also modify shapes for drilling customized lenses. A line marker comes standard to help ECPs draw an accurate horizontal line on any type of lens. For creating various styles of holes and notches, a wide range of extra drill bits, router bits (notching bits), and end-mill bits are also available. For more information, contact Arno Optical Corp. at 800-822-2766 or


E-LENS PROFILER EDGES, GROOVES, BEVELS, AND MORE. Stabilized by a 6-in. granite base, the E-Lens® Profiler is a five-axis multifunction industrial edger with 8,000-point resolution. Its variable pressure, dual-drive lens-clamping assembly eliminates stress at the lens surface when edging delicate lens materials and coatings. The rotary axis provides tooling access to all lens surfaces, permitting perpendicular or angular edge drilling, grooving, beveling, ledge cutting, and more. A touch-screen display with a 3-D user interface allows for easy job entry. Automatically updating software, job history, an expandable 14-tool pallet, and OMA compatibility allow for unforeseen future needs. For more information, contact E-Lens Precision Drilling Systems at 800-665-0091 or


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